Laia Sanz European Trial Champion for the ninth time

Laia Sanz Campeona de Europa de Trial por novena vez

Laia Sanz Saturday initialed again crowned a magnificent season for the ninth consecutive time European Champion Trial Female. The third round in the Czech town of Tanval was characterized again by a little difficulty trail.

Although Laia was enough to get him in fourth place to secure the title, He has done everything possible to keep out Joanne Colles, who had to settle for second place in the test and in the overall.

Laia completed the first round with zero penalty while the second five points was left, the same ones that appear in his locker nine Colles and 14 Rebekah Cook.Declaraciones Laia Sanz: My first big goal for this season is already fulfilled, but this does not mean you go to relax least. I still very much what I spent three years in the test that decided the World Championship, and I'm not willing to live again a moment like this. Now my mind is already focused on next Saturday and won another world title.

Today I have suffered in the second round, because it was a very simple trial, where it was difficult to recover errors. The only tricky area, mud, I left three points that I knew I could complicate victory. I knew fourth place was enough to clinch the title, but nonetheless I wanted to give up being champion winning all three races that.

The next goal of our campeonísima this same weekend focuses, in Kramolin, where you have the opportunity to get its global wound tenth.

Published 30/08/2010

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