Laia Sanz advancing steadily and it is the eighteenth in the overall

Laia Sanz avanza con paso firme y ya es decimo octava en la general

The pilot KH-7 has finished fourth among the tough stage again 20 first.

Durísimo. This is the adjective most repeated by all pilots Dhakar when only been played four stages. Laia Sanz He has also used this word to refer to the extreme demands of this edition, where the motorbike riders still in the race have passed the first dual-stage marathon. Of KH-7 He has done it again with his handlebar note Honda CRF450 Rally finishing in 20th position, to 52'13 "behind the winner of the day. With this result, rises two spots in general and it's 18th, to 2h 16'36 "leader.

It has not been an easy journey for pluricampeona, puesto que un virus estomacal ha mermado sus fuerzas.

Laia Sanz, as well as the other riders, have to make the most of the few hours of rest to face another tough test tomorrow: neither more nor less than 912 stage kilometers, 527 of them against the clock.

Laia Sanz: No me encontraba muy bien por la mañana y prácticamente no desayuné, so I considered the day with calm. I thought it would end the 40 and it surprised me finally finish in the 20 first. Hoy estaba navegando muy bien en la primera parte de la especial, and it was not easy, but in the afternoon and it was exhausted and I was wrong with Helder Rodriguez in a river. Allí hemos tardado unos diez minutos en encontrar la ruta correcta. Esperaba que no fuera un día excesivamente complicado porque después de una etapa dura, always put an easier, but this time did not happen. It has been done hand with these last two stages, very slow and difficult. We are all very tired and I in the past 70 km he visto las estrellas. A este paso, si sigue así la carrera tendré que conformarme sólo con terminar. ¡Estoy muerta! Go two days! I ache all over and there is still making the link, preparar el roadbook de mañana.


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