Laia Sanz: "Now is when you're starting to think that the end is near”

Laia Sanz:  “Ahora es cuando ya empiezas a pensar que se acerca el final"

A dos días del final, pilot KH-7 and Team Honda HRC was 14th at 9'25 "from his rival, que se ha impuesto en la etapa. Mantiene un colchón de 11’26”minutos en la octava posición respecto al eslovaco y confía mantener su clasificación pese al enorme cansancio acumulado.

Only two days. This is what is lacking in Laia Sanz to cross the goal of Buenos Aires and make history with his top 10 in Rally Dakar. He is tired, and it is no wonder after 11 grueling stages and its titanic effort to achieve what she neither dared to imagine before the race started: being in eighth place overall and being the second Honda classification.

In the eleventh special -the end of the second marathon without assistance of this edition, pilot KH-7 and Team Honda HRC has been 14th. He had crossed the line 17th, but paths penalties Joan Barreda (which had initially imposed), Paulo Gonçalves and Alain Duclos have allowed him to improve three places in the rankings.

Broad has finished 9'25 "from the stage winner, Slovak Ivan Jakes, precisely the man that plays eighth in the overall. Of KH-7 It has been a part of your reduced benefit, but still maintains a cushion of 11'26 "that will try to continue administering to the end.

Morning, penultimate day, between Termas de Río Hondo, with 298 timed kilometers and nothing more and nothing less than 726 link kilometers. In total 1.024 kilometers!

Laia Sanz: "I've seen that Jakes was going fast and in the second section I pushed a bit and I lost less time than the beginning of the special. The truth is that he has run a lot and I imagine that tomorrow will try to run as fast as you can to spend. I will try to control him, but I have it clear that I will not mortgage the Dakar for position. Eighth would be fantastic, but it would also be ninth. No me laughing, anyone to misunderstand, but I know the forces that are me and I will not jeopardize all the work these days. Ahora es cuando ya empiezas a pensar que se acerca el final y que pueden pasar muchas cosas y te empiezas a poner un poco paranoica. He dormido muy mal. At this stage marathon slept on the floor and just had a leak that fell over me across the face. I have not slept well and today I went out to stretch a bit unfocused. Hence especially that Jakes has taken me more distance than normal. Today I will try to rest as much as I can to go to the next step in the best conditions. If the track is fast I can defend well, but if again it will cost me more insistent ".

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