Laia Sanz, a step of closing his best Dakar

Laia Sanz, a un paso de cerrar su mejor Dakar

En la penúltima etapa ha vuelto a ser 12ª y asciende hasta la 16ª posición de la general. Sólo falta un día para que complete su cuarto Dakar consecutivo y renueve el título de féminas en una edición en la que se ha medido con los hombres de poder a poder.

And only one day left, 157 kilometers of special and 378 road to more Laia Sanz get on the podium Dakar 2014 Valparaiso (Chile). It will do, if not happen last minute hitch, in 16th place overall, after recovering today in the penultimate stage three posts a stroke. In the special, pilot KH-7 lapped with aplomb until you cross the finish line in 12th place, a 20 first minutes.Really, Laia Sanz He has shown in this edition of a domain tempo superb race riding a Honda CRF450 Rally. He has competed at the level of 15 best pilots Dakar, measured with men without making mistakes and keeping the mechanics at all times, a detail that has astonished everyone. He even classified seventh in the ninth stage, the best result of a woman in more than three decades of Dakar. At the gates of top 15 classification and again very close to renew the female trophy motorcycles in his fourth consecutive appearance at the toughest rally raid world, Broad sólo espera terminar mañana y cerrar su participación más brillante.

For happiness is complete, pilot KH-7 will have to cover the 535 kilometers from La Serena to Valparaiso, an end of a Dakar dream for the best driver of all time.

Laia Sanz: I've gone for slaughter because he had several pilots 15 minutes away and I thought if I attacked a little and they had a problem may have some choice, as has finally been. Even so, I have not gone to any depth, not want any scare when so little needed to finish. Lo cierto es que me he divertido mucho en la parte de arena. Me muero de ganas de que se acabe. The last day bad things can only happen, so just think fast pass without scares, not like last year I had a breakdown on the link road that made me suffer until the end.

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