Laia keeps Campeones of Catalonia Enduro Féminas

Laia Manté Campeona de Catalunya de Enduro Féminas

Catalunya Catalan Enduro Champion Féminas proclaimed even before the race start.

This Weekend Espluga Francoli was the stage for the final round of Enduro Championship of Catalonia. A composed 40km race where most roads were wide plus a lap of soft ground.

Keep Laia came to the test with an advantage of 25 points over his pursuer, Rosa Romero, but this did not attend the race and Broad won the title before the departure was given.

Three wins and one second place, four tests that make up the championship, are the results that have led to the achievement of Girona title.

Alba Vilaplana was the other female participant, who left happy with her result despite the difficulties that arose in the special.

Keep Laia: "We closed the championship with a good feeling and we left having achieved the best times in all special. Today's race was not too difficult except for a trial bike had just before ch1, but I could overcome without much trouble. In the time trial I felt very comfortable, ya que era de terreno blando con roderas, I personally is how I like. The section had some end piece where I had problems, but the rest went well”.

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