The renewal of Elena Rosell is now a reality

La renovación de Elena Rosell ya es realidad

La piloto Elena Rosell ha renovado con el Team Kawasaki Palmeto para disputar su segunda temporada con ellos en el Campeonato de España de Velocidad, specifically in the Stock Extreme, where last season got their first points.

So Valencia remain in the team led by Pedro Parajuá and José Lázaro, after a first year full of learning and adapting to the category, therefore in 2011 will have to continue to evolve and climbing positions to reach the pilots reference.

The best result of 2010 was eighth place, being seventeenth in the drivers championship and eighth in the Cup of Spain Private.

In 2011 have a Kawasaki ZX-10 R, like his teammate Ivan Silva, but first has to stop receiving some components and prepare for the start of the season.

Elena Rosell: For me a great joy to be renovated, because I feel very comfortable with the team. We already know each other and are very professional, This means we can work very effectively. Hope to show my full potential this season and struggling every race to enter, at least, among the seven or eight finishers. Wear all winter preparing physically, because the Stock Extreme bikes are very demanding and I'm looking forward to when getting back on the bike.

José Lázaro: We are pleased to retell with Elena within the team. Last season showed a high learning ability and their performance was improving race by race. This year hopefully you take a big step forward and consecrated as one of the pilots to consider all races. Both she and the team will work to make this happen.

Dpto. Press Team Kawasaki Palmeto

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