The Motorhispania Cup is now a reality

La Copa Motorhispania ya es una realidad

Last Day 28 November, Alcalá circuit for presenting the motorcycle RX125R player in the manufacturer cup created by Motorhispania held. The bike has been developed by Luis Castro of Box77 team , 21cv has power and is 180cc, Motorhispania but hopes to raise one or two horses more power.

Once in the presentation, the sun shone on the Seville circuit between the sound of the engines, the smell of gasoline and bustle of people, portentosa the RX125R looked under the eager eyes of the audience. Its sporty enhances its beauty giving a touch of style the perfect combination of black and green.

The event was attended by the President of Motorhispania, Eusebio Gallego accompanied by Gonzalo Carrera responsible for managing Championship, already above named Luis Castro and the Secretary of the Andalusian Federation of Motorcycling.

The overall intent of this Cup is to create an Andalusian quarry, because this meant for initiation into speed mode hence its price so attractive. For the same reason a lot of guys could try, among the participants there were a significant number of girls, because it is another challenge for the championship, promote women's Motorcycling. Among those lucky is Andrea Sibaja, from which certain I'll talk.

Andrea currently runs with a pit bike and Sunday was the first time I climbed into a sport in a circuit.

“It has been impressive, I loved it. He could only make two turns, I have first been prudent, but I felt very comfortable and gave me a good feeling as well as in the second lap I dared to take a little more gas. I have only good words, I inspire confidence and secure when training hard I can do a good job. Now I have wanted to take it again”

In the coming days the FAM published deadlines for registration and roadworthy.

So you know, you're Andalusian or Andalusian, if you want to get started in speed at an affordable price, this is your cup, la Copa Motorhispania.

Published 30/11/2010

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