The World Cup Champion SuperEnduro searches

La Copa del Mundo de SuperEnduro busca Campeona

The FIM Women in Motorcycling Enduro Comission and ABC have decided to join forces and invest in Women in Superenduro 2015.

Superenduro is a relatively new discipline that attracts and fascinates both spectators and drivers. March 2013, the ABC Enduro World Championship organized the first test for women in the Superenduro and the first title went to Emma Bristow. This year, the ABC and FIM Women in Motorcycling Comission discussed the future possibilities of this great discipline and decided to organize two events for women in the World Cup 2015. The first will be in Germany, I Riesa, the 3 January and Champion Superenduro will be crowned the next test to be held in Helsinki, Finland, the 31 Jan.. Both tests will be held the same weekend SuperEnduro Men's, but organizers will make appropriate modifications to the track.

Alain Blanchard (ABC Promoter): ABC COM cree mucho en esta nueva categoría de mujeres en el SuperEnduro. We started with a category of women in the EEC in Italy 2010 and was proud to launch a women's category in the Superenduro with a test in France in March 2013. Furthermore last year, first, tuvimos una Copa del Mundo de Superenduro Femenina compuesta por tres pruebas, where we saw a mix of Enduro riders, Trial and MX. The Superenduro is a very difficult challenge, but they always show an incredible will and strength of character, besides his natural talent. They are part of the show and previous events, both large crowds like a lot of media, They welcomed them with enthusiasm and admiration for the remarkable actions performed”.

Nita Korhonen ( Presidenta de la FIM Women in Motorcycling Comission): “Such changes, as are the Superenduro, clearly, the address motorcycling develop over time and therefore we invest in it. The level of female pilots has improved in many disciplines and hope to attract a large number of participants Enduro, Trial and Motocross to unite and fight for the title Superenduro. This is a great opportunity for our off-road girls to compete during the winter break as they prepare for the summer season”.

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Source: FIM International Motorcycling Federation

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