Female quarry is increasing: Francisca Herráez

Paqui_Herraez_presentaciónFortunately motorcycling is becoming a common sport among females. Today we present to Francisca Herráez Vila (Paqui), sympathetic Valencia (Albal) de casi siete años que ya lleva tres años en el mundo de la moto.

Paqui despertó su interés por el motociclismo cuando en la navidad del 2007 sus padres le regalaron a Julio, his brother, una moto de batería, ella llevaba todo el año diciendo que quería la típica casita de muñecas, pero cuando vio la moto de su hermano protagonizó el berrinche común en una niña de su edad. At that time the pilot was two years old and lived awaiting his brother down from the bike to climb it, until his brother gave him the first moto of gasoline and finally she inherited his longed motorcycle battery.

As in any traditional home, Julio empezó un curso en una escuela de motociclismo, Paqui while passing through singing lessons, ballet, etc…, more usual things for a girl, to no avail. So parents, after many attempts to keep her away from the world of motorsport, le compraron una Polini y empezó en la escuela de motociclismo.

Thus after a few years in school, premiered in competition. His first race was in Oliva in April 2012, championship Motodes. Tenía muchos jitters, kept talking. He got eighth place in thirteen possible and crossed the finish line in sixth place.

Valencia has participated in three different championships, but does so with more intensity in the Cradle of Champions Bankia (minimotos) where up fourteenth. A two races to finish your goal is to finish in the top ten.

At school her friends have backpacks and cases of personages fashionable, Paqui has his backpack, estuche y carpesano de Pedrosa. Clearly this young pedrosista is clear what you want, something very important for pilot training. Good luck and hope to see it in higher.

Published 16/09/2012

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