Sandra D. Jones scored his first career Cup Kawasaki Ninja

Sandra D. Jones puntúa en su primera carrera en la Kawasaki Ninja Cup

The champion of the Pirelli Cup 2011, Sandra D. Jones, last weekend he faced his first race in the Kawasaki Ninja Cup. The race was held on the circuit of Alcaniz.

Because Sandra problems with their adaptation to Michelin, tires that never had shoes, the challenge for this test was to qualify grid.

On Saturday gave the timed start, Catalan rolled in 2.13/2.14, but managed to turn in 2.12.0, time gave him the twenty on the grid.

“It's a matter of trust, if I can be a little more daring in two points of the circuit I can get cut my time. Face the second lap scratch the front suspension and look at the shifter, since I have not gotten activate”

In the second lap Sandra, found that the shifter will not work, He spoke with the mechanic service Kawasaki Ninja Cup to solve the problem, but the heavy rain that fell in the Aragón circuit at the end of the timed, They made Sandra's decision to leave the race with semiautomatic change, a decision that left her at a disadvantage.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, once in the warm up, the pilot could not lower their 2.12 marked on the first day of practice on Saturday.

“I do not like to make many changes in the warm up, I'm not a pilot to make a quick turn, I grow in career”

And so it was, Sandra gave us a great career, made a good start and rolled fastest lap after lap, 2.09 was his best time, Catalan lowered his lap in three seconds. In útimas laps I had a battle with Santiago Pozo to get the fifteenth position, but eventually become the Catalan rider who wore the point. One point that tastes heavenly after the problems experienced with tires and a point located on the eighteenth position classification.

“I would've been great, the bike worked well and I could give my 100%. I've got a point where it's my first race in the championship and I leave very happy with the work we have done”

Congratulations Sandra, We trusted you and you have not shown that we were wrong. Montmelo awaits

Published 11/05/2011

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Photo: Dolores Ros

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