Jules Danilo complicates the race Ana Carrasco

Jules Danilo le complica la carrera a Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco avoided colliding with Jules Danilo while it had a fall, This left far behind and had to fight against the clock.

This weekend was raced the 5th test World Championship in LeMans. Of the RW Racing again presented many problems with Kalex KTM unstable with not just trust.

Friday was not well and Saturday, He searching the limits crashed out in the morning training, thus did not quite tune your bike for the official timed, where you get the 30th place on the grid.

Mother It went well, maintaining the position in the first two rounds, but to complicate the weekend more, Jules Danilo suffered from a fall just before her, luckily saved Murcia collision, but that the delayed and lost contact with the group, staying more than three seconds apart.

He rolled many laps alone and when it seemed impossible, began to improve their record until finally contacted the first pilot, to which advanced smoothly, from there a couple of overtaking more and drops some pilots took her to finish 22nd.

Ana Carrasco: Danilo accident made me lose the connection. It's a real shame because I made a good start and I had good pace. I have limited myself to recover as much as possible, knew he was getting closer, pero la diferencia era demasiado grande. No ha sido un gran fin de semana en general y el resultado podría y debería haber sido mucho mejor, but I had a good race.

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