Jana Sanchez opens at the National MX with a podium

Jana Sánchez se estrena en el nacional de MX con un podio

The only female pilot category, Jana Sanchez, He climbed to the second step of the podium in what was his debut in Spain Motocross Championship.

Caceres was the starting point for the Motocross Championship Spain last weekend. Four females participating in the championship, Jana Sanchez solo on the MX150 and Elite-MX2, Silvia Rivas and Maria Maseras, besides Portuguese Joana Gonçalves.

Of female pilots Elite-MX2 was Joana who achieved the best result, finishing in the top ten with a ninth place. Meanwhile, Silvia and Mary classification being closed 16th and 17th respectively.

But who took the leading role was Jana Sanchez. The Catalan premiered nationally and, at the last moment and thanks to VDB Racing and Team Honda Vico, Jane involved in the category rather than MX85 MX150.

The aim was clear, fun and learning, but despite some difficulties in changing normal displacement, Jane He immediately felt comfortable and complications of 4 times were less. He finished both sleeves second of its kind which gave way to the second step of the podium. In the 24th and 19th general made in the respective sleeves.

Jana Sanchez: "It was a great weekend, I love the circuit, shame he's so far. Regarding the race, I am very happy, at first I had to adapt because the Honda CRF 150 need another type of driving and that cost me a couple of falls. In the first race I was a bit worried about the output, and did not know how he would react the bike on the fence, I went well and the second end 24th and my category. The domigo everything was more comfortable and experience the day before I got did finish the day without falling. I can only thank VDB and Team Honda Racing Vico for this great opportunity and for their support.

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Photos: Motorcycle Women's Commission RFME


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