I Trial Campus Women's Commission RFME

I Campus de Trial de la Comisión Femenina de la RFME

The 7 to the 10 August will be held in Pobladura de las Regueras, Leon, the first Campus of this specialty Women's Committee of the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation.

It is most welcome news for everyone is that since its inception the Women's Commission one of the main objectives was to make these Campus for both girls competing at the national level to those that do in the autonomous. After much work by the Commission, Now you can announce the celebration of the first campus to be done in this 2014.

The pilots Trial will be privileged to inaugurate a series of motorcyclists Stages of all disciplines. A few days ago which was held in Pobladura of Ditches the last round of national Peppercorn with the coronation of Sandra Gómez and Alba Lara as Champions of Spain Female on Female A and B, respectively.

Well, right there is where the 7 to the 10 August is celebrated this Campus. This will be accessible to riders of all levels since the idea is to promote the practice of Trial and also help improve the technique of regular ones. Participants have three monitors luxury: Sandra Gómez, Pol Tarrés and Sergio Pérez. Each will handle a task as training, that is specifically for Trial, will consist of the six basic pillars on which works the Commission: physical training oriented motorcycle, training in sport, training and information in competition, training in riding technique, basic mechanics training and training in sports nutrition.

It is that girls are aware of everything that encompasses the sport and acquire the guidelines have autonomy, know promoted, assimilate the successes and defeats, etc, all in an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing experiences. To register for the I Campus Trial Pobladura of Ditches should contact the RFME or directly with the maximum head of the Commission, Ines Fonseca, a su email (

There will be giveaways and major surprises for the girls during the 4 days will the Stage. After it is scheduled to be held over for Enduro, Motocross and Speed. After the summer months, will turn to the pilots of these three specialtythis is.

Source: RFME

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