Historic weekend for female motorcycle

Histórico fin de semana para el motociclismo femenino

The Aragón circuit this weekend hosted the second round of the championship of Spain.

The training days were marked by strong wind. A wind be dispelled for the race.

Undoubtedly the star of the weekend was María Herrera, one hole is made in the history, becoming the first woman to win a race in the Championship of Spain.

The Oropesa and was first in the first cornering, at times lost the position, but then drove her to recover and just, deservedly on top of the podium.

A flawless race in which Mary could reveal the grand style of riding that has great mental strength and the available. After this victory, Mary placed third overall with 33 points, only 4 points leader.

Maria Herrera: It was a difficult race, since I have been most of the race first. In the closing laps maintain concentration has been important. I tried to keep pace, as they began to have problems with the rear tire, but we have finally achieved victory and I'm very happy.

Sara Sánchez, who continues his learning, started twenty-eighth in what is his second race in the championship.

A Catalan exit was complicated and fell to the thirty eighth place, piecemeal, was recovering positions and ended up crossing the goal line twenty-fifth.

Sara Sánchez: The bad start has complicated my career, so all I could do was dedicate to pick the maximum possible seats. I have still a lot to improve.

Many problems tuning to Montse Costa who started forty-third. The Catalan, the output is taken with caution, but a straight mid-career led her to leave the group and ended in the thirty fifth.

Montse Costa: I'm not very satisfied. We had gotten troubleshoot suspensions that we dragged the whole weekend, off track but I've had, has left me with no options to pick the group.

Elena Rosell this weekend faced two sleeves. The Valencian having trouble finding the right set-up of his Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, started from the twenty-second place overall, fourth in its category.

In the first race, not made a good start and the first lap twenty-fourth of the general stood, eighth in its class. Was struggling, to control the movements of his bike and managed to finish fourteenth overall, fourth in its category.

For the second run, Nor went well and was relegated back to the twenty-fourth. Depletion of fighting with the Kawasaki and lack of feeling, Valencia had to make the decision to abandon the race in seventh round.

Rosell tenth lies in its category 13 points and twenty-second overall with 2 points.

Elena Rosell: In the first race I've gone very wrong and I have met with the characteristic chaos of the first curve of this circuit. Then I went into the rhythm and I improved time yesterday, but the sensations, the truth is lousy, many moves and bounces, but in the end we scored points in the general. In the second race, problems have worsened, I looked really the limit and my finances do not allow me fall, so I've decided to stop and safeguard the position.

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Published 26/05/2013

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