Extraordinary fifth place Laia Sanz in the eighth stage

Extraordinaria quinta plaza de Laia Sanz en la octava etapa

It has come rolling in third place 44 seconds behind the leader and has become the first woman 37 editions of the Dakar Rally which has struggled with options to win a special.

Broad makes history at every step. Today, on the 8th stage, starting in the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), end in Iquique (Chile) and nothing more and nothing less than 800 miles of total distance, Laia Sanz has dazzled once again the whole caravan Rally Dakar. The pilot KH-7 and Team Honda HRC has crossed the finish line in a remarkable 5th place (a 2’36”), after riding a 38 kilometers from the finish in 3rd position only 44 seconds behind.

In that instant, the 16 times world champion became the first woman to win a stage arrangement and fifth in motorcycle leaves a passage Veronique Anquetil, who has the best position in a stage having been 4th in 1984. In the overall standings, Laia Sanz Giant leaps and placed in 9th position to 1h 18'51 ".

Tuesday's ninth stage between Iquique and Calama be played, with 450 competitive kilometers and 88 link kilometers.

Laia Sanz: "We did not exit because it was very cold and we had no warm clothes, motorcycle clothing that we was wet yesterday, still raining, no visibility and the Uyuni was flooded. Some pilots had symptoms of hypothermia, but the organization has decided that out and we left. At the end of the stretch of salt could neither stop. He felt the fingers and I had to stop for a moment to try to warm up. I think it has been one of the days of my life I've been colder. It was very hard and we suffered much. Then, from pitch control I have not had problems. Despite all the difficulties, It was a great day for me. In the second sector had options to finish in the top three, but before Iquique dune field was very broken and passed me thoroughly Pablo Quintanilla and Toby Price. You could try to follow them and expose or continue with my career. I opted for the second option. I know from home many people expected me at the podium step, but Paul and Toby are faster than me and try to go at your own pace gamble would have been a result do not even know if he had gotten. I am very good in general and I want to reach the end at all costs. This is not over ".

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