Up to five participated in the Spanish CEV

Hasta cinco españolas participaron en el CEV

The weekend began the season Championship in Spain Speed ​​tracing Jerez Cadiz. This first test was starring Rain, which was present in both training and career.

Ana Carrasco was breaking as the best of our females, Murcia made a spectacular lap times and got out from fifth on the grid. Once the pilot career looked Team Laglisse relegated some positions, their struggle and falls by the state of the track took to cross the finish line in seventh place when rolled in a group of three, very attached to his predecessor pilot. Undoubtedly Ana will be talking about this year.

A María Herrera did not fare so well in the timed, Oropesa's got the thirteenth grid position, but instead in the warm up is shown as the fastest, emotion was served. It was time to form grill and warming around Mary brought his bike into position, but seemed to have problems, the output is delayed. The Catalunya Caixa had to quickly remove the bike track, the clutch was broken. Among a swirl of mechanical, nerves of Mary and the sad look of a father, the bike was repaired, Mary took to the track when it is turned on lap. He finished twenty-third.

Montserrat Costa managed to qualify in last position, Catalan finished the race, with difficult track conditions had, vigesimosegunda.

The Ninja Cup we had to Mar Acebes, Madrid managed to qualify in last position on the grid, but on the first lap he fell, may not continue in the race. An unfortunate start, from here we want to show our support and encourage pilot to reach more forces to the next round of the CEV.

Laura Martinez was the other participant fémina Cup, the pilot was classified in eighteenth position just ahead of Mar. For those suffered conditions and what happened to Sea, Madrid was very cautious, rolled solo entire race and finished in last place.

In the category of Moto3 there is another femme Japanese origin, Yui Watanabe who can not finish the race being rammed by another driver.

The next test is performed on the circuit of Los Arcos, Navarre, next day 22 April.

It is a pleasure to enjoy them in the Championship of Spain, hopefully this line stays that way and being a girl and pilot becomes normal.

Published 05/04/2012

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