Laia Sanz big surge yesterday after the penalty

Gran remontada de Laia Sanz tras la penalización de ayer

The pilot KH-7 finished in 20th position after overtaking 19 puestos en una jornada que tuvo un inicio complicado para ella. En la clasificación general vuelve a meterse en el top 20 when the Dakar Rally arrival to the resting phase.

Laia Sanz ha starring a big comeback in the sixth stage, wore this Friday between Tucuman and Salta, with 65 link kilometers 400 Timed. The pilot KH-7, who started this morning from the 39th position after being penalized yesterday with an hour skip a waypoint, has crossed the line in 20th place, a 24 minutes behind the winner of the day. With this result, the best woman Rally Dakar reenters the top 20, specifically in 19th position, 4h 26'06 "in the championship.

Upon arrival at camp, Broad sand he has learned of the death of motorcycle rider Eric Pallas, news was received like a sledgehammer, especially among bikers.

Morning, Broad take the opportunity to rest and regain our strength for the second and final week of the race.

Laia Sanz: Today did not expect to end or between 30 first. At first there was so much dust and the track was so close that he could see nothing and could not go more than 30 km/h, when there could roll 140 km/h. It was hopeless, but then opened a little way and I used to give gas and advance a few. A little later, in a fairly technical area, I have been able to overcome a group of motorcycles and from there because I could roll with more pace. I am very happy that end the 20 es un gran resultado tal como se presentaba el día. El año pasado, the day before the break and did a 12th place in the next stage the engine broke down and spent an ordeal, así que hasta que no llegue a Valparaíso no daré nada por conseguido. Me sabe muy mal lo sucedido con Eric Palante, for him and his family. It is also a blow to all who are in the race, because every time a tragedy like this happens it gives you a lot to think. Este deporte desgraciadamente tiene estas terribles consecuencias algunas veces. Quiero pensar que la segunda semana será menos dura que esta primera porque sino acabarán muy pocos.

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