Great fight in the female category Championship Motocross Catalunya

Gran lucha en la categoría femenina del Campeonato de Catalunya de Motocross

The female motocross riders Catalan, Carla Magallon and Mireia Bay, staged a great fight for the win in the second round.

With a sunny day as the protagonist, the Catalunya Motocross Championship Women playing his second Test, this weekend, in Olvan.

A total of seven females in female category championship, Carla Magallon, Mireia Bay, Aida Calero, Maria Maseras, Ms. Millan, Cristina Moreno and incombustible Rosa Romero, fail any event with two wheels to sign up. On the other hand, in small categories, were Daniela Guillen in MX65 and Jana Sanchez in MX85, who unfortunately could not get to race with mechanical problems.

Carla Magallon, victory was worn on both sleeves, but in the second, it came out a tough opponent, Mireia Bay, who put things complicated. Both pilots were offered constant overtaking and gave excitement to the race. Podium was finally formed by Carla Magallon, Mireia Bay and Aida Calero, Current leader of the general.

To Daniela Guillen the day was somewhat more complicated. The youngster did not quite feel comfortable in a circuit where the jumps predominate and the physical demands. In the first manga made a good start and led the second group, being fourth, the early laps, then lost a couple of positions and rolled all the race sixth. In the next manga, a bad start the penalized, eighth going into the first turn. Finally was able to survive any place and finish sixth again.

The next test will take place in Vallgorguina the 26 April.

Daniela Guillen: "Today was not comfortable, I do not really like the circuit, There are many jumps. I have yet to learn to do ".

Carla Magallon: "This is a track I like very much, It is very technical but also very fast. Obviously as it has been passed on was bumpy and was physically complicated. The first race was quiet, but in the second I rode almost the entire race with Mireia Badia, It has been a challenging fight and we made a nice career. I am very happy, no sólo por la doble victoria si no porque he conseguido acabar la carrera sin sufrir con los brazos, which is one of the things that worried me, since the weekend debut in the Championship of France ".

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