Great start for females Cup Spain

Gran inicio para las féminas de la Copa de España

Great battle starring Beatriz Neila getting ninth place in Challenge 80. Good debut for Isis Carreño ending twenty-first in Pre-Moto3 and Laura Martínez twenty-second in Open 600.

The Circuit Alcarrás has been chosen to start the Speed ​​Cup Spain. Three females form part in this edition, Beatriz Neila in Challenge 80, Isis Carreño in Pre-Moto3 and Laura Martinez in Open 600.

Beatriz Neila andstrenaba category as both compete miss big plot. Of the Halcourier MS has managed to surprise everyone from his first entrance on track. In the timed it was classified eighth in its class, twelfth general. When the lights Beatriz lost some position, después pasó toda la carrera luchando en un grupo de tres por ser décimo primera, but no luck and finally finished thirteenth, thus achieving his first points in which he has been its debut.

Beatriz Neila: In the timed I was worried because I saw that I had just leaving no time, so do not trust my race result, but in the end I surprised myself. I have been struggling with two other pilots, we went ahead inside, outwardly, we caught us slipstream, ultimately, a fun career that I've had very good.

In Pre-Moto3 the protagonist was Isis Carreño, Also debutante. Chile had a very different career and somewhat chaotic. Output was given, but after a spin, I stopped because of a fall. Resuming, I was only six laps and if that were not enough, rain appeared to change everything. The FAU55 was changing the tire and rode grated rain, but the rain stopped once given output. In the first lap he was already twenty-first, position in which he shot in solitude to see the checkered flag.

Isis Carreño: In the first output had soared well dry, but rain cost me more because it is the first time I roll with medium dry asphalt, Average wet. I'm happy with how everything went and team work.

To Laura Martinez This is the second edition to which it faces. In the timed did not quite find the time and placed closing the grill. In career was slowly gaining ground flagpole placed twenty-third, where he marched comfortably until a few laps was bent, like the pilot in front of him, This complicated the advancement of the head so that the Box71 He was able to contact and take the opportunity to advance and finish the twenty-second.

Laura Martinez: Timed were complicated, plus I do not know the circuit, made many changes and I could not focus on the times. The truth is that in the race I felt much better on the bike, despite the weather conditions, I could improve my times and have a little fight in the final laps.

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Photos: Iván Terron

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