Great performance by the women of the Andalusian Speed ​​Championship

Gran actuación de las féminas del Campeonato Andaluz de Velocidad

Up to four girls participated in the 600cc class at the Andalusian Speed ​​Championship, to which was added the grill Castilian Manchego Speed ​​Championship. Andrea Sibaja, Laura Martinez, Carlota Rodríguez Fernández and Xenia were female representatives.

Last weekend was played in the Circuito de Jerez the last race of Andalusian Championships, track championship shared with Championship of Castilla La Mancha. Listed in CAV Series 600 consisted, current Champion of Andalusia, Andrea Sibaja, Carlota Rodríguez Fernández and Xenia. The female of Castilian Manchego was Laura Martinez.

Laura Martinez accustomed to racing at national level Cup Spain, protagonizó un gran fin de semana. Started from 25th on the grid and in the first round, and after a great fight for 2nd place, 3rd ending in Cup of Castilla La Mancha, the podium and proving that girls can also be there, regardless of age and category. In the 15th overall was also collecting some point. For the second race will not accompany luck and when leaving 12th overall career suffered a haul that left no chance.

Laura Martinez:Fin de semana agridulce. En la primera manga echando el resto he conseguido terminar la 15ª después de salir la 25ª y quedar 3ª de la Copa Castilla La Mancha, so I'm very happy. La segunda manga no ha ido tan bien, fighting for 12th place've had a fairly sharp drop to touch me with another rider, por suerte solo contusiones y quemaduras. Ahora a descansar y a pensar en la próxima temporada.

In the Andalusian, Andrea Sibaja with two races in which he took the calculator, proclaimed Champion of Andalusia, being the first woman who gets in a mixed championship Series 600. A 3rd place in calculation of the Andalusian Cordoba wing afforded him a title.

Andrea Sibaja: "I am very happy. It's a dream come true. Just over a month ago, no sabía si podía estar aquí por la lesión que tuve entrenando pero, at the end, with hard work, hemos llegado aquí en buenas condiciones. Quiero disfrutar este momento y dar las gracias a mi equipo y a toda la gente y patrocinadores que me han apoyado en los últimos años, especially the SDC. "

In Series 600, also took part Xenia Rodríguez, who is in the process of learning, had some complications with career direction because the master cylinder. The Catalan participated but did not score, anyway she also had his fights, entering line in parallel with another rider in the second set. A photo finish “finish”.

Xenia Rodríguez: “On Friday times would not come and Saturday on the first lap I went down, nothing serious, but I managed to lose my registration. The first output of the first manga I went great and won some positions, but an error relegated me again. After the red flag was given a new start and this was not left anything right, I finished 29th and reach the park closed, I say to the master cylinder that I have I can not run, we finally got to participate but no points. The second race was a constant struggle with bull rider to finish line.”

Also in the Andalusian, but Open 600, participated Carlota Fernandez. The Madrid made a great comeback in the first round and a good limit in the second, que la metieron en los puntos y le otorgaron la 14ª plaza en el computo de ambas mangas.

Carlota Fernandez: “The weekend was pretty good, Very fun runs. At first I made a very bad start and was last so I had to come back and just 6 laps gave me time to overtake three riders, the last in the same finish line by just one tenth. In the second I got out and pulled to achieve best two guys ahead. one of them slowed down to limit and went ahead with relative ease, the other was cast into a braking section on the last lap, so I went and pushed hard because I took it stuck to the finish.”

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