Gina Bovaird, the first and only female rider in MotoGP

Gina Bovaird, la primera y única piloto femenina en MotoGP

The American Gina Bovaird was the first and is the only woman who has participated in the premier class of the World Championship Speed.

In 1982 was when the motorcycle world debut saw first a Female pilot in the 500cc class, Gina Bovaird.

Gina reached the Speed ​​World Championship having won several top ten in the AMA, national speed USA, being the first woman to achieve. Besides the US participated in the 200 Daytona where managed to break the record for average speed of the test for a debutante, to achieve an average of 228 km/h.

His moment came in the Grand Prix of 1982, at the Circuit de Nogaro, where after a boycott by teams Japanese factories, Bovaird managed to place your Yamaha TZ grid, but luck was not on their side and failed to finish the race.

Dream Gina quenched after that participation in the World Championship and little was heard of it.

Female Motorcycle

Source: Super7moto; As poppies

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