Champions Gala RFME 2014

Gala de Campeones RFME 2014

The best Spanish pilots were awarded in the Champions Gala Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation.

On Saturday afternoon, the RFME He was dressed to close the season with awards for best pilots. The celebration took place in the High Performance Centre in Sant Cugat, having as guests to all pilots who have excelled both nationally and internationally.

Referring to international results, Laia Sanz received, a Merit Diploma al Biker for third place in the Mundial de Cross Country and Bronze Medal of Merit Biker for achieving Copa del Mundo de Enduro Féminas.

There were girls medal for trial, who were made with the Medal Silver Sporting Merit by Subcampeonato obtained in Trial des Nations Female, played by Elisabet Solera, Mireia Conde and Sandra Gómez, who in turn was awarded another medal, this time bronze, for his third place in the Trial World Championship Women, although Madrid could not attend the event.

Great deal of awards for national championships, where was missing grant any of the girls speed some degree of recognition, for the simple fact of not having female category are always out. Something to 2015 will change. At the gala, Ines Fonseca, President of the Women's Commission RFME, explained the great success they have had the Female Campus organized and explained the creation of the new Women's Cup Speed, as was already mentioned a few days ago.

The awardees were (in order of ranking):

-Enduro Champion Girls: Aida Castro, Carolina Benedict and Beatrice Legazpi

-Enduro Champion: Arantxa Belda, At Sandra and Rosa Romero

-Cross Country Champion: Arantxa Belda, Elia Gibert and Sandra Polo

-Motocross Champions: Gabriela Seisdedos, Sara Coloret and Carla Magallon

-Champions of Trial A: Sandra Gómez, Mireia Conde and Elizabeth Solera

-Champions of Trial B: Alba Lara, Mireia Lozano and Andrea Look

Female Motorcycle

Photos: Iván Terron and Women's Commission RFME

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