Gabriela Seisdedos no truce in Spain Motocross Championship

Gabriela Seisdedos no da tregua en el Campeonato de España de Motocross

The pluricampeona of Spain, Gabriela Seisdedos, It began with victory in the national motocross.

The Spain Motocross Championship Women was started last weekend at the Circuit de La Salina, Alhama de Murcia with a grill formed by 11 female pilots, Oihane Albizuru, Aida Calero, Sara COLORET, Joana Gonçalves, Maria de los Angeles Gutierrez, Carla Magallon, Gabriela Seisdedos, Maria Maserasm, Mayte Nieto, Silvia Rivas and Ana Maria Rodriguez.

Gabriela Sesisdedos was made with the two races held. He led both from the beginning, but, some bugs to turn some of his companions, in the closing laps of the first race they made Joana Goncalves come closer, but not enough snatch victory. Sara COLORET was placed second and third in the next round after a fall Gonçalves, I made that allowed Carla Magallon third winding. Podium was finally formed by Gabriela Seisdedos, Sara COLORET and Ana Maria Rodriguez.

The next meeting will be 3 May in Calatayud, Saragossa.

Gabriela Seisdedos: "I'm happy, started the season well. The layout of this great Alhama, all that is badly damaged and in the second race was very difficult. It was a pretty tough race by heat, but nevertheless, I felt well, very tired but well. I focused on keeping the distance, in the first round it was a little confusing, for a fault committed, but we finally going to Alhama double victory ".

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