Francisca Ruiz, the only Spaniard pilot

Francisca Ruiz, la única piloto balear

Francisca Ruiz or Paquita, as they call their relatives, Mallorca is a thirteen year old boy, currently the only pilot Island.

Paquita very young was clear that he wanted to fly. After three years he was given his first bike, but his mother for fear that something happened is hid. Until seven years, after seeing compete to a friend he told his parents the desire to get on a motorcycle. That was how his father gave him that bike for years was hidden, Young spent the day with her, up the street and down the street. A few months later he went to watch a crosscountry race, was so amazed that he decided to change the street from his house by the circuits.

The Majorcan began competing at age eight that season and won the second place in the Balearic minicross Championship and third in the Balearic Championship supermotard basis, where he won one of the races most fondly recalls; “Is dedicated to my grandfather who was unwell”.

The pilot has participated in different championships featuring the Balearic Federation getting the second or third place forever. In 2008 made the change to the speed participating in the Cradle of Champions without experience and achieved sixth place, then continued competing in speed with the Balearic Federation, always being in fifth or sixth place, until this year.

She was playing the 80cc Open Championship Balear, last weekend ended the season and third place Paquita played in the classification, It was at one point in his pursuer.

“Sunday dawned overcast, yesterday it was raining, the track was waterlogged so hairy assemble”.

Despite falling due to track conditions got out in third place on the grid. In the first race he finished third and second quarter ended, these results were enough to get third championship.

It's been almost two tough years, since I started speed craved a good result, the effort has been compensated, I have the satisfaction of winning and know that although I am girl can also be there”.

The pilot takes seriously his love, trains hard with both his bike and physically, for the latter attends a training session given by the Balearic Federation.

Next year will be resubmitted Francisca testing to participate in the Cradle of Champions, this young Mallorcan promise no sponsor, if you're in Mallorca, is your chance to support a sportsman region, It's the only girl Balearic pilot, Give your support and help him achieve his dream.

Published 06/10/2010

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