Resounding success in the first Women Road Racing Training Camp

Éxito rotundo en el primer Women Road Racing Training Camp

Excellent organization of the FIM in the first Women Road Racing Training Camp with note.

This weekend was held the first Women Road Racing Training Camp, the Circuito de Albacete has been responsible for hosting the event together with the European Championship.

The FIM Women in Motorcycling, Hand Nita Korhonen, director of the commission, has made it possible to 25 pilots around the world this weekend are on the path Albacete. The goal, que las pilotos pudieran recibir consejos e instrucciones para mejorar su pilotaje y todo lo que lo que a la competición se refiere.

As instructors had to track Ismael Bonilla and Shelina Moreda, the first woman to participate in the AMA Pro Road Racing. These were the feelings of Ismael, who attended the request of the RFME:

“Two weeks ago they called me the RFME ofreciéndome ser el instructor del WRRTC, I was a little misplaced. I was not sure what I'd find, and did not quite see it all clear. But if my friends RFME I asked that kicked them a hand, I could not say no. My idea changed in the blink of an eye when I had the first opportunity to go out with them to track, were much faster than I expected. Now that you have completed the Training Camp, I can say it has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life motorcyclists.

And it was not only surprised Ishmael, I myself is supposed to roughly'm a day female motorcycle I found I had no idea what happens in the rest of the world to this topic. Of girls enrolled for WRRTC, there were some who already knew as Melissa Paris, Alina-Cristina Udrescu, Natalia Florek the Jasmin Sarjos, but at least there was some fifteen pilots did not know and not because they are fast, because same Zealand Avalon Biddle left us all impressed.

The days of track workouts were conducted with BMW S1000RR generously BMW made available to the pilots.

The Spanish delegation was formed by our two drivers Laura Martinez and Andrea Sibaja, and as a motorcycle lovers had to Cristina Juarranz, Elena Diez and Sheila Garcia, they lived them:

Laura Martinez: It was a unique experience to share track with riders worldwide, some international benchmarks that have made it into mixed championships. Most important is the concern shown by the END to create opportunities for girls, porque aunque la mayoría preferimos competir con chicos, the creation of a women's championship can open many doors in securing sponsorship.

Andrea Sibaja: It has been a very exciting weekend for me, because even though I'm Spanish had never had the opportunity to shoot in the Circuito de Albacete. Was all very intense, ambient, Company, the organization, etc… Esto ha hecho que me de cuenta una vez más, I do wish to fight to be in this world, because it fulfills me and I love. Further work to be increasingly competitive.

Cristina Juarranz: Amazing weekend. Being able to share track with more girls helped me to see what level I am and the truth is that went better than expected. I loved the competitiveness track and then out of it we were all mates giving advice on how to improve. We want our rivals are strong to force us to grow in our pilot.

Sheila Garcia: Just wonderful. At first I had doubts, discussed our case and our time to END and the RFME and got the OK, aún así seguí con dudas hasta el último momento. Sólo la idea de compartir tres días con mujeres de todos los rincones del mundo me hizo quitarme el miedo de encontrarme mucho nivel, if he was also sharing what I like “motorcycles” I could not say no. Tal vez era la única oportunidad que tendría de vivir algo así. Encima de la moto han sido unos días muy especiales en los que no he mejorado mis tiempos, but I managed to keep a steady pace through the details of Shelina Moreda and Melissa Paris. Now back to have that urge to keep improving. The level of international has been impressive, tienen un nivel muy superior al de las españolas que compiten a un nivel equiparable en sus países. Creo que nos han sorprendido a todos. La organización ha sido increíble, the unbeatable atmosphere, a treat to know so many girls that you share this passion and undoubtedly a great experience that I hope will give us the possibility of repeating, donde y cuando sea. I would've been great.

The finishing touch put the guests of honor, Maria Herrera who was there to dispute the European, Ana Carrasco, the legendary Katja Poensgen and Maria Costello, the first woman to climb the podium of a TT. all gave their advice and gave their own vision of the evolution of women in motorcycling.

Ana Carrasco: I am very glad that the END has been encouraged to do an event. that women are active in the world of motorcycling is a fact, now all we need is the support to have continuity and demonstrate progress.

Nita Korhonen assured us that the END will work hard to continue having more Women Road Racing Training Camp and that in the future the option of creating raises a Women's Cup, without this being an impediment to keeping women can participate in men's competitions.

I can not say anything that girls have not already said, just thank the FIM Women in Motorcycling gave me the opportunity, letting me spend the whole weekend with the girls. Now I have much work ahead!

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