Exclusive Interview with Elena Rosell

Entrevista en exclusiva con Elena Rosell

In his first year in the CEV in the category of Stockextreme, Elena Rosell got the seventeenth place overall, a total of thirteen points and signing his best result achieved eighth place in the circuit of Alcaniz.

This interview is composed of some questions raised directly by fans and people who follow Elena. We interviewed him to tell us how it went the 2010, that plans for the 2011 and to tell us a bit more about herself.

MF: What is your assessment of the season 2010?

E.r: Good, honestly it was not bad, but could have been better. A little annoyed with injuries that prevented me be the 100 %, but the important thing is that we were better times and results and that I value positively, besides working for the first time with "real team" and feel the support of all is something rewarding.

MF: How was your meeting with the 1000cc?

E.r:Actually the first time I took the 1000cc Kawasaki seemed brutal in terms of power delivery, something sharp coming from the 600cc. With the 600cc Ninja you could accelerate soon enough, strong with no problem. In contrast with the 1000cc I've had to learn to "take a little longer to accelerate" the bike and less inclined, because if he did as the 600 the bike became very nervous and hence most have gone by solving problems with damping, especially the rear.

MF: What do you think you learned?

E.r: Este año todo ha sido nuevo para mí, motion, category and equipment that has been having to adjust to my riding, to understand me and I to them, honestly I have learned many things that I hope will help me improve for this season.

MF: What do you think needs to be improved?

E.r: I, I certainly improve my fitness, since a 1000cc bike is much more demanding than 600cc. I am physically strong, but I have to improve a bit in strength, "Explosiveness", to help me in the direction changes and when moving the bike more safely and quickly. Also I have to learn to better explain my feelings, to find a faster solution in the presence of problems and apply myself as I can do. As for the bike, Kawasaki this year is already much improved, moto new, so for now do not know if we will have to make a lot of things. “I hope not”-Smiling answers the pilot.

Rash: Does the change of the CEV Cup Kawasaki Ninja has meant a change?, What?

E.r: Hola Rashe, concerning your question I will say that many and few. Few in the sense that the calendar is virtually the same and fortunately the Ninja is linked to the CEV Cup, is structured in this, so the training paddock is the same except that I am now on a box. Soil be much for the Village of Kawasaki as circuits when mechanical work there is enough free time. On the other hand many changes in that is another category of CEV, maximum. The demands on the part of all is greater, so somehow everything is "a little more serious" because here the 95% Pilots have, have a much greater support to try to get as much as possible. By contrast in the NinjaCup no drivers or people with different goals and philosophy, pilots running to win and others who do year after year, for the simple fact of having fun, regardless of how they become.


Laura Martinez: Between 600cc and 1000cc Which do you stay?

E.r: Difícil pregunta, the 600cc and had her by the hand and I honestly really like is the driving style in these bikes, may make an entrance and passage through very fast curve, 1000cc but I also like, is different in style driving. In the 1000cc thing to look for is lift the bike as soon as possible to throttle, trying to make cornering shorter than the 600cc. The acceleration of the 1000cc makes quite enjoy her because you have to learn many little things to go really fast.

MF: What project there for 2011?

E.r: En principio la idea es continuar en la línea de esta pasada temporada a falta de confirmación 100%. It would be ideal, since in the team we already know and know how to improve together.

Shandra: Have you tried the ZX10R of 2011?

E.r: Todavía no he tenido la suerte de poder probarla, but the truth is that most people who have tried, I only have had very positive things about being surprised ZX10R mostly.

MF: If you were given the opportunity to run as a guest in the world in MOTO2, Cheste. Think you're ready?, Would You Take?

E.r: Bueno de cara a Cheste 2011, I think you could prepare well, in that case would be delighted to take this test.

MF: What training method still, both physically and on the bike?

E.r: Bueno este año he tenido bastantes complicaciones, later confirmed as our participation in the CEV and came to the first race without having tasted almost Kawasaki. We try to keep improving the theme of force, but in the third race at Jerez I fell, injuring my ribs until mid July I could not start training seriously, with the bad luck early August I lent us a Supermotard and this shaking and hitting my ribs Gripo again with the handlebar, this time I broke both well, with what I've been dragging this for the season, because until mid-October I did not start training hard.

After the last season I rested until December start (no train, Motorcycle or). Now I have started to train every day trying to do two sessions morning and afternoon, where I combine swimming, outputs mountain bike and road, I run once or twice a week and do several sessions of weight a week to see if we win that point we lack strength. Regarding bike, do two or three days a month with a pit bike that I cross without jumps, “that way”, Valencia answered laughingly.


MF: What circuit is the one you like? Does less? Why?

E.r: El circuito que más me gusta es Cartagena, a circuit which is unfortunately not in the calendar of CEV, because it is the place where I got my first podium and suits my style because it is quite technical and twisty and I like. And my least favorite, that does not mean I do not like, is Valencia. It is by far the best circuit for spectators, but I have always taken me quite go fast, although I hope that this will change.

Daniela Elizalde: What has been your best career for you?

E.r: Hola Daniela, concerning this year I think my best race was the fifth round of the CEV, Albacete although Setaria very even with Jerez, the last race of the year. Whatever the outcome of Jerez, the race was very well, except the light output, but I got really bad and behind me at turn were very few pilots, I focused on going forward, I had half emotional letdown to see me back there, I breathed and I forgot everything, only focusing on driving. Albacete test, I ended up falling though I think it was one of the best, since that weekend I had many problems and around me were just trying to cheer for a good race. On these occasions, It's complicated, make clean slate, see everything quite complicated, because you who really knows how the bike has been running. Still I focused on piloting and thoroughly enjoyed the race ,forgetting some of the movements of the bike and enjoying as I could with them.

Lady: Do you have a rival to abate?

E.r: Bueno Lady, rivals are all and all want to stay ahead, Elena answered smiling. I'm thinking that you have to look at who wins and not to you immediately precedes, because if you want to get to the top you have to look at the first and not the tenth. What really makes you realize that you are improving, is to see the difference with the winner is reduced.

Racingirl: What do you feel when you are on the grid waiting for the light turns off?

E.r: -Elena responds with face circumstances-. Uff!!! When you get to the formation lap or recognition and await your mechanics, you put easels, heaters, get water and other, it's time for more nerves, since those waiting for a few minutes to check out and if we add, that my starts this season have been "very bad" because you get more nervous wondering if you will leave good or bad. But when you're alone on the grill, you get the warm-up lap and look you've placed you well on your site, spends very little time until the light turns off, in this short space of time I do not think anything, I put the first gear, I look at the traffic light, I focus, goes off and usually the beginning of the output is good and then I think "fucked up" because I came out wrong.

Luigi Do: Following your progress, Where do you see yourself in 3 the 4 years old?

E.r: Hola Luigi, honestly it's very difficult to think years ahead. In my case it costs me because it has so far cost me a lot to be here, because last year had nothing to early April and thanks to the major sponsors like Powerade, Kawasaki and DMM along with the people who trusted me, We could make the season.

Álex: In relation to the previous question. Since the sincerity see what possibilities?

E.r: Si todo va bien y seguimos progresando y mejorando con el apoyo necesario por parte de los patrocinadores, with work and enthusiasm, I sincerely believe that we can go far, since it is for and what work.

Nine?: What is the question you have ever done and you would have them do?

E.r: Realmente no se que decirte Ysi, because I also ask myself many questions, just try to be as honest and accurate as me pose. -Answer the pilot laughs-


MF: For the season 2011, Victoria Alcalá de 17 years old, the only woman to win a mixed championship speed (PreGp 125 ’07), amounts ranging from riding a 600cc kawa in the CAV. What can you advise after your experience with this bike?

E.r: Bueno a Victoria personalmente no la conozco, how some other girls who practice this sport, but I can say that I know of some way or another since I usually follow closely what they do, in fact she has some years also practicing motorcycling and has enough experience and people around who knows advise.

So just tell you from enjoying, to attempt things right, but not wanting to arrive and since it is a new category, no rush because when you autopresiona for wanting to do things quickly sometimes these do not work out and may adversely affect. The truth in this world things go forward, work and confidence in a @ mism @ .Regarding Kawasaki 600cc, honestly you could say that if the bike that will drive's model 2009 forward, It is a bike that does not need many changes in terms of settings because it goes quite well and focus more on learning to ride it. In my experience, the less you touch settings will go better, because we drink during the few tidbits we vary because it is a bike that comes standard very well balanced and when we wanted to put a little more than a tad Liam account.

E.r: Finally I would like to thank all my supporters s and I still somehow, and to thank those closest people who have trusted me all these years and missing!!! GRACIAS

MF: Yo quiero agradecer a Elena su sencillez y amabilidad con la que siempre me atiende. He is always ready to work, It is a luxury for me to have her in this way. Thanks Elena, Thanks for being you, te of rows

Published 15/01/2011

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