Interview with Laia Sanz: “This year has been extremely hard”

Entrevista con Laia Sanz: "Este año ha sido extremadamente duro"

After achieving the two world titles this weekend, Laia Sanz gave a press conference, of this interview is extracted.

-15 world titles like Giacomo Agostini, Do you what you think?
-Sounds strong, Yes. I still have not assimilated ... I guess from here a few days give me realize what I have achieved. It has not been easy, although there who can think. When you've won so many years, people think they will win easily, but somehow overcomes want another so that there is alternation. The truth is that every time I find it harder, because the opponents are stronger.

-Do not you get tired of accumulating trophies?
-Never think of figures or records, but when I look back numbers make me feel scared and large. It's a real honor to be compared to a legend like Giacomo Agostini... But what counts is that I have a great time training and competing. I am a lucky doing what I do and why I'm so motivated. Anyway, increasingly clear that I must focus more on a single discipline as it is very difficult to cover everything.

-Enduro and trial are two very different modes. What title would you grant greater value?
-Both pilot and preparation are two very different disciplines. Earlier this year I thought I could only contest the world of enduro, But what began as a joke, has come true and I could not just run the two, but, Above I have been able to win. It has been extremely hard, but what counts is that in the end everything went round. If I have to chose a title both, Trial confess that makes me more excited, first because this season did not have it in mind and, after, because I start getting older for this mode, las rivales son más jóvenes y aprietan mucho.

-And all this, no official bike and a private structure ...
-Yes, I had to worry about much more than not only compete and therefore has been a very difficult year. Luckily I had people with me, as KH-7,it has helped me tremendously to run without official bike. In trial I raced my bike ago 2 years and enduro, several different, even with that I borrowed a friend. Win a private structure has more merit and I am proud of it. The last morning, even I had to drive the van myself many miles to come home from France. Things like that make you appreciate more successes.

-Support has not missed you, either here or in the United States ...
-I am very happy with all the people I've worked this year end, in Europe with the trial and enduro, and America, where I have also helped a lot. Not always have the opportunity to train with guys like Johnny Campbell in the US, to the level that is there. It was an amazing experience that has helped me to improve, and participate in the X-Games.

-¿Next Challenge?
-I'm tired after a crazy weekend. I need to disconnect for a week and physically recover to begin preparing the Dakar 2014 fully able. It's proof that I love, where I have a long journey and this year I hope to prepare better than ever. After 13 securities, in trial I have come to recognize as much and I now find new motivation in endurance racing and Dakar.

-What can you advance the project dakariano?
-Little thing. The Dakar costs money and we are working to go with a very good structure and a good bike. I can not elaborate yet, but I trust that is not a project only to the Dakar, but also for the whole season enduro 2014.

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