Interview with Laia Keeps

Entrevista con Laia Manté

Some days ago, Laia Manté Catalunya Enduro Champion proclaimed Féminas, Today we talk with her so that you may know a little more.

MF: How old were you the first time you upload a motorcycle?

LM: I climbed for the first time on a motorcycle to 2 years old. It was a gift of kings, una moto de motor con las ruedas pequeñas al lado para no caerme. With her I started giving my first laps in a village field. Later on I had a bike to compete.

MF: Where does your passion arises?

LM: My father, he ran and always had bikes in the garage at home, so I spent my days surrounded by Motorcycle. It was difficult for my hobby was another.

MF: How did you start in the competition? What prompted you to it?

LM: I started at the Provincial Championships Girona, doing the typical "American Racing". It was a flat circuit in a field, carreras perfectas para aprender y coger el ritmo de una competición, almost all have started well. Acabé de lleno en el mundo de la competición a causa de las ganas de aprender más y de conocer la gente y el ambiente de las carreras.

MF: Did you start directly with the Enduro or have been changing mode?

LM: To reach the Enduro I tested several modalities, I commented as I started with “American Racing” y después he pasado por Motocros y Endurets, up to the Enduradas and Enduro, which is so eventually I opted.

MF: Have you ever tried modalities asphalt? Which One?

LM: The truth is that no, ever called my attention, I have always preferred modalities Off-road.

MF: Have you ever participated in the national?

LM: Yes, I participated in Motocross year 2009, obtaining a position 6. In 2012 I got the title of Cross Country, Subcampeonato addition Enduro and 2013 Enduro and repeated the 3rd finalicé.

MF: How do you see the evolution of women in motorcycling?

LM: Evolution is good, as more and more girls who start competition, yet it is very complicated, since it is not an easy sport for us.

MF: Are you for or against women's championships exclusively only with girls?

LM: In favor, think it is very positive that championships are created only for girls, this would favor further the participation of girls in the competition. There are many girls who have bike but is just dare, these championships it easier, level as would more balanced.

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