Interview with female Red Racing team for 24h Montmelo

Entrevista con el equipo femenino del Red Racing para las 24h de Montmeló

The next 16 and 17 July 24h Montmelo held, where Red Racing with Desmo BCN have formed an almost Spanish women's team, Noelia Lorenzo, Mar Acebes, Carla Calderer and Dutch Marian Elshove, who while living in Barcelona. The frame of four females will be the Ducati 999R, that for the occasion will wear the number 40. We wanted to know a little more about this new journey to the Red Racing and its drivers, so from Motorcycling in female and with the cooperation of Racing Girls elaborate an interview in which participated Enric Martí, head of the Red Racing team and two of its pilots Noelia Lorenzo and Mar Acebes.

MF: ¿Cómo y de dónde surge la idea de crear un equipo femenino?

RR: The idea arises in the moment when we consider again the participation in the race. Last year Calderer Carla made the CEV with us and we would repeat this season, but the lack of sponsors to cover the budget made could not participate. Nonetheless, she is a hard physical training as being in competition, so we decided that if we were doing the 24 hours would with it. A part of this, we had already had females our team 24 Hours, Elena Rosell was with us in an edition. We also knew at Sea, talk to her and we got in ten seconds.

MF: Is there some method followed when choosing the pilots?

RR: Yes, there have been several factors to choose the pilots, they had racing experience, they were quick, that could physically hold, but mostly they had enthusiasm in participating in such tough competition, one thing to make a career of 45 minutes and quite another to be on the bike during 1 time, rest 3 and go back up to another hour bike, so for 24 hours and of course, nothing going for a walk along the track.

MF: ¿Qué nos contarías de Marian Elshove?

RR: Es tenaz y muy polifacética, practice various sports and apart is a specialist in action scenes dubbing film. Among other tests, He has participated in the 4 Hours Challenge Circuit Pau Arnos in France and has also lived the 24 Hours from inside a box.

MF: ¿Y de Mar Acebes?

RR: Mar tiene una extensa y valiosa experiencia en competición, including 24 Hours. Know what is teamwork and fight for a common goal above individual goals. Feel the passion of motorcycles from every pore, rare is the weekend that is not in a circuit, either competing, as an instructor or just a spectator. It is of great help to the team.

MF: ¿Háblanos de Carla Calderer?

RR: Carla es muy competitiva, never settle for a good result, Always looking for a better result and no remains committed to achieve. Carla began in the trial coming to get a runner-up team world, among other successes. After injury, he switched to the speed, competing in his first year in the CEV and becoming the first woman to compete in Moto2 in the championship.

MF: Ahora le toca el turno a Noelia Lorenzo

RR: Noelia tiene una capacidad de adaptación impresionante, few days ago ran for the first time in Montmelo, first with Ducati for the first time with change and invested the few laps was already perfectly matched to the bike, to change and circuit. A part transmits energy and contagious enthusiasm. He is a born athlete excelling in various disciplines.

MF: Y de la protagonista, Ducati 999R, What we accounts?

RR: El Red Racing ha participado en varias ocasiones en las 24 Ducati running hours in most of them. En esta edición competimos con una fiable 999R de DESMO BCN, preparers, have our support and expertise. Preparation basically focuses on systems rapid changes wheels, expansion of the fuel tank up 24 liters with the addition of the mouths of rapid filling, tweezers and special brake pads for strength and a little something more.

MF:If any of the drivers does not exceed the cutoff time for classification, There are some “plan b”?

RR: Estamos convencidos de que todas van a pasar el corte sin problemas, We were training in the circuit and although there was a lot of traffic the result was very positive. Anyway always been to have a “plan b” not expressly for this circumstance, if not for any other that may arise.

MF:Do you have established the strategy?

RR: Todavía no, We are observing the characteristics of each, to plan the strategy is best for the team and where they are comfortable

MF: ¿Cuál es el objetivo que se ha marcado Red Racing?

RR: El primero, Like all teams, is to cross the finish line Sunday at 15:00h. The following, finish on the podium of the twin cylinder category.

Now for Mar Acebes and Noelia Lorenzo

MF: Cuando recibes la noticia, What is your reaction?

Mar Acebes: Me hizo mucha ilusión que me propusieran participar en este proyecto, I already participated in editing the 2008 with Ducati-competition and we could not finish, since then had something pending with the race.

Noelia Lorenzo: Well I got the news via Facebook. The truth is that it was Mar Acebes that gave me joy to share this dream with them. So I think it is quite clear that is another challenge for me and I'm thrilled and ilusionadísima can do it

MF: ¿Estás siguiendo un entrenamiento físico específico?

Mar Acebes: Especially cardio and some weights

Noelia Lorenzo: Estoy siguiendo un entrenamiento específico que le he pedido a mi entrenador de gimnasio, in which physical / aerobic and fitness alternative to meet best in 24h.

MF: ¿Alguna vez has estado rodando más de una hora sobre una moto?

Mar Acebes: Yes, in 2008, if only I could make two relay race. you have to completely change the chip sprinting and dose forces, since it is a long race.

Noelia Lorenzo: I've never been rolling over an hour followed, but shoot many hours during the day itself

MF: ¿Cómo afrontas este nuevo reto?

Mar Acebes: Con muchas ganas y mucha ilusión, It has always been a dream to end a 24 hours.

Noelia Lorenzo: I face with an illusion that I had no so if you want to Féminas Cup Championship Castilian-Manchego Speed. Perhaps because it has caught me by surprise, but it is a more serious challenge because where there is a great compromise between all team members, pilots, mechanical, chronos, chief. Everything is more professional, then you never want to disappoint.

MF: ¿Cuáles crees que son las posibilidades del equipo?

Mar Acebes: In a career spanning 24 A lot can happen hours, The main goal is to finish and I am convinced that we will get

Noelia Lorenzo: Finish 24h but as an inducement also have the twin cylinder From what I am sure is that each of us will go career to give the best we have inside and if it is embodied in a good result as is welcome. We must make high female motorcycling and show that we too can be there.

MF: Sea, How do you find your injury? Do you think it can be a problem?

Mar Acebes: I'm pretty well, maybe it's a little annoying, but I think it becomes a problem

MF: What have you done professionally speaking since you won the Cup last year Féminas of Manchego?

Noelia Lorenzo: I've just done a test with a Honda CBR 1000, within a comparative shot in Portugal to learn a little the limits of the bike and mine of course. The following have been the first steps on the Ducati 24h in Montmelo.

Para finalizar Enric Martí ha querido destacar el magnífico espiritu de equipo que se ha creado de forma natural entre las pilotos, Desmo BCN y RED Racing, todos trabajamos por un mismo objetivo común. Tambien ha querido mencionar su máximo agradecimiento a los colaboradores y sponsors que le dan apoyo y confianza.

Published 10/07/2011

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