Elisabet Solera, Alba and Eva Lara Muñoz victorious in the national trial

Elisabet Solera, Alba Lara y Eva Muñoz victoriosas en el nacional de trial

Catalan Elisabet Lara Solera and Alba took the victory in the Women's category A and B respectively, while Eva La Mancha Muñoz did in Female C.

The weekend started the National Championship Trials (CET) in Alicante, La Nucia, with a distance of 15 areas, although each category only ten of them faced, overcome in two rounds and a maximum of four hours.

The event brought together the best female riders on the national scene. Female were divided into three categories, Female A where they fought Elisabet Solera, Mireia Conde, Berta Abellan, Maria Giro and Neus Murcia, in Female B, Alba Lara, Mireia Lozano and Andrea Look, and Eva Muñoz in Female C.

In Female A, Elisabet Solera he took the first step of the podium accompanied by Mireia Conde and Berta Abellan.

In Female B, Alba Lara He was the winner followed by Mireia Lozano and Andrea Look.

Eva Muñoz she was the only female representative in its class so the victory was Female C.

Elisabet Solera: "It was a good weekend. I'm very happy how everything was and especially with the team. The tour was very well, had to do 10 areas and two turns (lap ten zones). I made the whole journey perfectly, to reach the area 6, where I have penalized both times. At the end I was a little worried because we were all pretty tight and do two five accounted enough points. At the end first so very happy. I want to thank Limit Motorcycles, MRW i Ossa and my parents, if it was not for them could not practice this sport ".

Alba Lara: "Very happy with the result, It was a great way to start the season. The journey was hard and as much powder, demanded much physical, with facing each zone. Definitely a very important victory ".

Eva Muñoz: "From my point of view was a simple route. Many areas of land, marked on a hillside with what you spent or were spending. Had over the speed with which the area afrontabas ability. Happy with the victory ".

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