Elena and the World, World and Elena

Elena y el Mundial, el Mundial y Elena

On Tuesday of this week, Marca, popping the news in confirming that Elena Rosell participate in world Moto2 hand Motorcycling Federation Qatari. A story than we know, follow and admire, been long awaited. But today Elena from the social network facebook, belied this fact a reality. The Valencian to recognized that negotiations, but still nothing clear. I leave the words of the same Elena:

Certainly they have left me some news relating to the Qatari team. We are working towards the práximo year, There are not yet sure ada, so several options are being considered. Honestly I would love to be part of this great team, but certainly if carried out will be quite a challenge, because I still do not have much experience with the Moto2 and unknown to most circuits. But this is the best school and I am willing to work hard to cope if they arise, otherwise would perform the CEV Moto2 with guarantees to make notable results, which is not bad. As I continue working hard to recover from injury scapula. Thank you all for the support you always brindáis me.”

It is clear that when such an opportunity occurs, you can not let go and be happy to see Elena in world, but…. I know in the CEV Moto2 with a can do great things, I want to have the reward for their work in the form of victories. Seeing the podium, crossing the finish line first, celebrate with champagne…. Follow a logical order in Case… In the world you will enjoy and can do well, but let's face, Have you seen the grill next year? Marc Márquez, Toni Elias, Julian Simon, Nico Terol, etc…. Whatever the decision, will be best for her.

We have long watching does well, Now is the time to see it to WIN

Published 15/12/2011

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