Elena says goodbye to the CEV in tenth seventh

Elena se despide del CEV en decimo séptima posición

Jerez was in charge of closing the season 2010 Spain Championship Speed. A weekend in the cold and rain had the spotlight.

The first free Friday helped him to Elena to identify all the changes needed to meet your Kawasaki Sunday's race. On leaving the latter free persisted problems and Valencia had no other choice but to adjust to riding your bike required. Thus the session is over and all retired with the uncertainty of how would dawn on Saturday, since the forecast was rain.

The day awoke overcast morning and the first drops were confirmation that the day would be boiled. Elena came out determined to score a good track time and at the end of the first timed stood in sixteenth place, I was a little angry because the development of the bike was not right for the tire riding.

After twenty minutes of the second lap, came the rain and Rosell announced adjourned the session, since it was obvious that the times of the first lap would be used, but the PL Racing insisted the pilot to leave the track and to take data with rain because they lacked information under these conditions. He ended up happy with his riding in wet closing the session in third place.

Sunday came and warm up the asphalt appeared wet Jerez track, so we were unable to test the settings of dry. The race was beginning and the Valencian again had problems at the start, on three occasions he saw his Kawasaki to a single wheel is put. By taking the second curve is realized in poscion rolling (Just being chased by five drivers) and after a little emotional breakdown Elena went to work, began to overtake riders and complete the first round and go through finish line stood at twenty-fourth position. The concentration and motivation was high, began to roll in times below its pole and lap seven stood twenty. The pilot starring a big comeback and took every last curve to advance positions, He finished the race sixteenth.

“It was an entertaining race. I flunked, but there I came down and that is positive”. The feeling once again was anger and normal could have fought for being ahead but…… expect, Ladies and Gentlemen, wait sitting with popcorn on hand for when this master champion gets out we will have ensured show.

So, Elena says goodbye until next season getting the seventeenth place, in his first year in the category, a total of thirteen points and signing his best result achieved eighth place in the circuit of Alcaniz. Besides also thanks his team, family, people, fans and sponsors support shown.

Published 24/11/2010

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