Elena Rossell is dropped in Alcaniz

Elena Rossell sufre una caída en Alcañiz

Elena Rosell arrived at Alcaniz circuit having staged a fantastic race in Jerez. The Palmetto Racing Team took advantage of Friday practice to test modifications on the bike to Valencia. Changes that lead to improve the times marked on the tests conducted a few days earlier at the track.

On Saturday everyone was very aware of the rain that threatened during the day of testing, is finally gave truce and stand until the end of the timesheets.

The pilot rolled in 1.56 low during the first timed, marking its best in 1.56.0. Before finalizing Elena came to box as his rear tire had broken, to make the change, mistakenly took to the track with cold tires, He could only reach the corkscrew, there skidded and crashed out without major consequences.

For the second time trial, the bike was ready and despite the wind blowing the Palmetto Racing Team rider managed to keep his times. The 1.56.0 It marked the morning session would be giving him the ninth place on the grid.

On Sunday it had hot sunny. In the warm up, tested some changes, such new brake discs and little else, the thought was in the race. Was time training, while thinking of the happy departure, which brings many problems, looked like right before she was to pilot the likes of Javier del Amor or teammate Ivan Silva.

The Valencian performed a good start, it seems that Elena will successfully overcoming this challenge. At the end of the line was found plugged losing some positions that soon recover, ranking among the top ten. In addressing the braking of the back straight, Valencia came and went pouring down, without significant physical consequences.

“My braking has been insufficient and plotted stepped catch a bump, I lost the address of the Kawa and went down. I'm fine, but makes me angry because today we could have done a good race, but this is well and everything is learned. Now you have to think in Montmelo, I have to keep working my physical strength. I want to thank all those who make it possible to participate in this great championship and all who support me”

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Published 10/05/2011

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