Elena Rosell “I look forward to enjoying over a motorcycle”

Elena_Rosell_Entrevista_CEV2012Some days ago, news broke that Elena Rosell was mounting within the team Bruno Perfomance riding a Kawasaki ZX6R, in the category of Spain Superstock Championship.

Today we have been with her at the Circuit de Catalunya, where starts the CEV this week.

MEF: Elena, some days ago, You informabas us that late you got to get on a bike, How do you feel?

Elena: I'm happy. Not what I wanted, I learned a lot in the World and would rather ride a Moto2 or even a Extreme, but it is what we could afford. At least I'm here and I'm able to do what I like.

MEF: How do you get to Bruno Perfomance?

Elena: After finishing the World, everything was uphill. The teams were interested in me, I have received many offers, but the crisis plaguing the country, requires that pilots have to run even paying. I lost my sponsors and have spent all winter trying to find someone to help me to say yes, budgets asked teams. Finally, in an agreement with Bruno Perfomance I managed to be here.

MEF: You return to the CEV. When you left you were doing great in Stock Extreme, a category much harder than Superstock, You've been through a Moto2 World and now you get on the Kawasaki ZX6R, a bike that you know very well, since disputaste Kawasaki Ninja Cup. What goals you set yourself?

Elena: Enjoy, I look forward to enjoying over a motorcycle. We shared grilled Moto2, still do not know if we separate podiums, but to mess with the Superstock, between the Moto2 and demonstrate what I have learned, It would be great.

MEF: Now to finish Elena, With what you stick your experience in the World?

Elena: Uff!, It is so hard. Last year was a tough year, very hard. The team personally great, but technically we had nothing to do. We were always suffering from lack of materials. I got to create me a bad internal roll to see that things did not go and that leaves you no longer enjoy the bike. Sometimes I wanted to get home and I surprised myself, saying, “Elena are in the World, how you will feel like going home”. Anyway I prefer the experience and especially with what I have learned.

We hope Elena again be comfortable on the bike and serve this season, for that next year I can get on a Moto2. Luck Elena.

Published 25/04/2012

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