Elena Rosell shown stronger in Motorland

Elena Rosell se muestra más fuerte en Motorland

Valencia ended in vigesimoséptima position and showed an improvement over 2011.

Last weekend was held at the Motorland circuit, Alcaniz, the fourteenth round of the World Championship. Presented unfavorable weather, Rain starred in Friday practice, where Elena Rosell made discreet workouts and very cautious.

El primer crono del sábado fue complicado por el estado de la pista, even though it was not raining, the track was wet with some areas began to dry, so prudence volvío to be present. For the second lap the track was completely dry, all the settings used during the weekend were useless to try to find the pole. Elena some problems with his front end was ranked thirty-first position.

Sunday came and with it, bright sunshine. Pilots were only able to run dry in the second qualifying session so we had to take advantage of the warm up to end to find the tuning. Thing the pilot could not take advantage QMMF, because shortly after leaving the track was hit by another driver, causing him to go down. Elena complained of pain in one arm, something that fortunately remained just that, in pain, but his bike was wrecked. The team worked against the clock to that of Manises could go a grid formation rather stay out of the race.

The lights turned off and Elena, sore, started with caution, but then began to pick up pace and reached a group of pilots. The exceeded and marked his best time on the last lap, crossing the finish line in vigesimoséptima position.

It is the second time Motorland wheel with a Moto2, if you go back to your career 2011, the pilot completed in thirty-third and last place, his best lap was 1'58″8 and had a 1'36” the race leader. This weekend was getting one vigesimoséptima Square, down one second best lap, 1’57″8, a difference with respect to the head of 1'17”. Being realistic is far, but the reality is that Elena improving race after race, and doubtless this will serve to significantly improve management.

Elena Rosell: It was a difficult situation, after pain and rush to fix the bike, he tratado de centrarme para la carrera. Después de la caída y con algunos cambios en mi moto, I left a little cautious, he ido cogiendo mi ritmo y eso me ha hecho llegar al grupo de pilotos que me precedían, came strong, so I could pass them. At the end nevertheless a race fun. Congratulate my teammate Anthony, has done a great career, which means we're both going in the right direction and thank the whole team that formed the QMMF their work throughout the weekend.

Published 02/10/2012

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