Elena Rosell rate at the Circuit de Valencia

Elena Rosell puntúa en el Circuit de Valencia

Last weekend was held, circuit in Cheste, the penultimate round of the CEV.

As usual it opened out with free viernes.En the first test and after completing just five laps Elena had to terminate the session due to complications with cushion. After solving some problems began the second test, Valencia but he was unable to maintain its stable bike.

Elena Saturday marked a sixteenth place in the first timed, the team had done a good job; “My bike seemed another, with things to improve, but could now go where I wanted and not where the bike took me”.

When was beginning the official timed, the wind blew causing braking references were different. When the PL Racing driver approached the time of the test decided to mount tires classification. Elena has no experience with these tires, It was the second time that proved. But something unexpected happened, when he reached the curve before the straight up, the front wheel locked when Rosell triggering the brake and crashed out. The pilot still does not explain why the fall, think you might see something trodden. All this caused his grid position for Saturday outside the seventeenth place.

Sunday came, Elena faced the race with much encouragement. After the last minute concentrating the light was lit up and Kawasaki wheel, Valencia has to improve output, is not the first time that happens. He arrived with the group to the first corner and once the agglomeration, began to move up reaching placed fourteenth with four laps contested. A couple of scares made to relax and for two laps started to show strange; “I do not know if due to wind or other condition, seemed that my Kawa handle was loose and my arms and shoulders were in a voltage not know if it would end the race”.

That's when he found himself overcome by the chasing group and was relegated to the eighteenth Square. Elena woke up fighting as a Jabata got through the finish line in fourteenth position and taking two points really suffered, since I finished the race exhausted physically and with the feeling that I could have done better. Elena is seventeenth in general.

The next weekend will be the Jerez track in charge of closing the championship. Good luck Elena!!!!!!!

Published 16/11/2010

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