Elena Rosell, “There is no reason that the girls have to be slower”

Elena Rosell, "No hay razón por la que las chicas tengan que ser más lentas"

Valencia began in the sprints with 50cc bikes, and after passing through several regional championships and practice triathlon until 17 years 2008, was invited by Kawasaki to participate as guest driver in Albacete. It was the second visit to La Mancha CEV track. He did not win, but his debut as a wild-card resulted in a superb second place. Yes, 15 days later, on the same stage, Rosell retaliated test proclaimed champion of the European Championship in Féminas, and that she used to that race one 600 cc when almost all his rivals were riding bikes 1.000 cc. Half a year later, in the first race of the Ninja Cup 2009, Rosell again made history for our country to become the first woman since the CEV was set to win a race from one of its categories in contention and lead in the contest several appointments. At the end, however, the title is not carried, but their results did not fall on deaf ears, and this year Elena has ventured into the murky waters of Stock Extreme

SoloMoto: New Season; new category: Stock Extreme. An opportunity, however, I arrived at the last moment.

Elena Rosell: This is. Until a month before the first race was still in doubt made my participation in the CEV. Getting the necessary support to be here this year has been a great effort, so I have to thank, and much, trust certain people and sponsors, as Powerade and Kawasaki Spain, they have placed in me. Suena the topic, I know. But it's true. Without them this would not be possible.

SM: Finish 27 of 41 in your first race with your new bike (I went up to her for the first time on Friday) and equipment is not bad.

ER: Good, arguably. (smiles shyly). Sincerely, I have noticed a change of category, since a Stock Extreme develops more power compared to the bike I rode last year -NdR: The Ninja ZX-6r 600cc, Motorbike Ninja Cup. Change many details, pero todo es cogerle el feeling a la cosa y ¡para adelante tú! As you say, moto new, and new equipment, Palmetto Kawasaki Racing, training with championship experience and which from the first moment I felt very well received and welcomed by all who make up.

SM: To Albacete, the next stop of the CEV and track that you know how to win, Is there to ask more?

ER: That and ask me what I! (Laughter). I won at youth level and now what I intend to learn as much to ride this bike, He Kawasaki ZX-10r, to take advantage of all its features. Go forward in each outing is paramount for me and for the team, because that means we're going forward. ¿Albacete? We will improve, you sure. (smiles and winks).

SM: What bike do you feel more comfortable: an 600 or one 000, like the one you pilot this year?

ER: They are different. The 600 and I had made, and now I am getting to the 1000. But let, that are fun both.

SM: Last year you became the first woman to win a Championship race Spain.

ER: This was, the Kawasaki Ninja Cup, in the first race of the championship played at the Albacete circuit. Hard to forget.

SM: And not only that, but you led the general classification of the Kawasaki Ninja Cup championship to Ecuador.

ER: We won the first race. In the second test, in Jerez, finished segunda, and when I came to Valencia, close to home, I suffered a fall at the end of line when he tried to climb several positions after a poor start; my weak point last year. But anyway, I keep fond memories of that stage, as, somehow, the outstanding results of last season have helped me to be here this year.

SM: But despite your achievements on the asphalt will is not proving easy to find sponsors to trust you and your sports project.

ER: It's a bit complicated. Good, always has been, but I trust fully in the project and in my ability to go forward. Further, This year I know I have to hand people who have been involved a lot in this and as much as I trust that we will do really well.

SM: For your CV and career, the less, you should be sharing grill with Italian Paola Cazzola in World Supersport.

ER: (Laughter). Well ... not displease me. (more laughter) But I think we have chosen the right path. We are learning things that in the future I can help to hire me to 100 % in any championship. Does the World Supersport? Who knows.

SM: You train hard to be in top shape for the championship, Not strikes you compete in the World Endurance?

ER: Train, I like it. I've always played a lot of sport, Since even 17 years I practiced triathlon competition. And in a way I have never detached from the sport, and comprising three disciplines that I really like and form the basis of my training. It is also true that this year I had to change some habits and increase the work force, since 1.000 This requires. On the Global Resistance, It would be nice in the future, but for now I want to focus on where I am and take full advantage of everything to see where we can go.

SM: At least, This year you're not alone. Two girls share the limelight and adventure in the CEV you: Montserrat Costa, in 125GP, and Carla Calderer, in Moto2.

ER: Yes, this is always good. For my part I am delighted that more girls driver on the grid. Last year it was the only. And the truth, I would love to think that we are getting good results could be used to open a door to the girls in the CEV, and people to give them a chance; to trust themselves and their possibilities. There is no reason, being girls, have to be slower. I think we showed last year with the first female victory, or this year, fighting face to face with more than 40 guys pilots, with the most powerful and fastest motorcycles with which you can run in Spain.

SM: Both are debutantes. What advice would you?

ER: First of all not to rush, because everything in life requires learning, always accompanied by hard work and effort in getting what they intend. And as a primary standard, for them no longer, but for all pilots, to be fun. Only then is when things go wrong. Further, as in all competitive sports there are times not so good, but they also learn things that will help you be better in your discipline, and better person.

SM: Do you think racing bikes are too 'masculinized'?

ER: Masculinized, they are somewhat. (Laughter) But I feel strange at all, because I am a pilot's on the grill.

SM: With the amount of fond bike there, and the thousands of conducting on their bikes, Why do you think no more women pilots?

ER: It is somewhat difficult to trust you. The grille is formed in its 99 % men and women may, besides lacking this lack of external trust, have that suspicion to have that pressure on us, as somehow having so few glances fall on us; for better and for worse.

SM: What goal you set yourself for this 2010?

ER: Learning and progressing in each race to finish the season among the fastest category.

Published 17/05/2010



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