Elena Rosell signs a sixth place on his return to racing

Elena Rosell firma una sexta plaza en su vuelta a las carreras

Elena Rosell got sixth place at the start of RFME Spain Speed ​​Championship.

How we missed the! A luxury again enjoy Elena Rosell Track. Valencia has returned to the ranks of PL Racing to contest the category of Stock 600 the RFME Spain Speed ​​Championship.

This championship began last weekend at the Circuito de Albacete, with a spectacular participation, to 40 pilots took part in the race of Stock 600, category in which Elena Rosell was the only female pilot.

Elena with many problems in the set-up, got a 15th place on the grid, but the problems were so persistent, the team was forced to travel to Madrid in search of another Kawasaki, so it came to race with a motorcycle without tuning and with which he had just rolled. Even so, made a career low to high, saw the checkered flag ninth and some downgrading, the finally led to sixth place.

We hope Elena you can work during these two months to prove who is the next race will take place at Jerez 31 May.

Elena Rosell: “The truth is that after how has the weekend can be satisfied with the result. We were ninth and we saved the furniture, because yesterday everything we could not be at the pace that we shot in the race. This weekend has served preseason, now we have to put the bike up and try different configurations that allow us to be in the top positions in the next race, which is where both the team and I want to be. I want to thank the team for the impressive work done, as they have striven, were working much of the night to have the best bike possible for today. We have now added experience, Filming serves us and go with more data that will help us work towards Jerez, which is the next race. "

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