Elena Rosell gets eighth square next to Palmetto Racing

Elena Rosell consigue una octava plaza junto al Palmeto Racing

Valencia finished eighth in his first contact with the Palmetto Suter Racing.

Last weekend CEV reached the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, home circuit Elena Rosell.

The pilot reached the penultimate round of Championship of Spain after giving many tumbles. This time he climbed to the Suter the Palmeto Racing, moto experienced previously belonged to Kenny Noyes. Elena it showed very glad of his return to PL Racing, computer that was already enrolled in their last season in the CEV before giving way to World, although at the time disputed category Stock Extreme.

As we told the driver, the PL Racing, He has given the bike with minimum costs.

Elena Rosell: “This is like coming home. Further, It is a great help for me to get on this bike before finishing the season, and I think I can do well and that will help us finish polishing the project for next year. The bike is very basic, but only supposed me the basic cost of tires and other, if we get the budget, next year they are my first choice, I've always helped and are people with whom I feel very comfortable.”

On Saturday 8th managed to qualify and race if not for the bad start, sure he had placed in the top five, but the start was not good and was relegated to 12th place. He spent the first half of the race going up and gave us a nice fight for 8th place. Position it was placed with six laps and which saw the checkered flag.

Elena Rosell: The weekend has been great, there has been no problem, no fall. We finished just as we left, I failed to top, I have gone very wrong, I had not tested the output and the bike is new to me and it has played a little. The first laps were difficult, the new tire had a lot of drive and had trouble turning, but has as has been spending most comfortable I have ever encountered and I rode faster, It is something that is not normal and we should work to Jerez. Very happy and grateful for the opportunity and the enthusiasm that shows me the team.

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