The roar of the engines to rate “Smile”

El rugir de los motores a ritmo de "Smile"

¿Os acordáis del Smile?. Aquel hit de los años 90 so many we danced in nightclubs, una canción de New Limit con Amparo Rios as vocalist, for she is our hero today.

Protection Rios nació en Valencia el 14 November 1969, was thirty-six when he first grabbed the handlebars of a motorcycle, esto ocurrió a root de que su marido se comprara una moto. A few days, Amparo se fue a la driving school, se hizo con el book y se compró una Suzuki OR650S. One year, buscando un modelo más deportivo compró una Suzuki GSXR600, which is the one currently.

In 2008 se enteró que Racing100 estaba organizando una copa femenina dentro del Campeonato Manchego de Velocidad y no pudo resistir la tentación de saber que era eso de la competición. I wanted to start this year, but the beginning of the cup was imminent and the time to gather the little money, so he decided to wait 2009 to start his new adventure.

The first year was a touchdown with this racing, circuits and other. That year the Valencian got a fourth place.

It was my debut, un año de learning e ilusión que nunca olvidaré

Amparo arose season 2010 seriously, para ello se entrenó físicamente en el CEVEP (Valencia Center pilot training) who also taught him how to prepare mentally. There was three hours, three times per week, acompañada por Nico Teruel, Xavier Fores, Castellanos, etc…., to which the pilot greatly appreciates the advice given.

“There are many who will appreciate your support, pero sobretodo a Rafael Olcina y Luis Seguí, my coaches, They trusted me from the beginning”

The Valencia usaba una pitbike para sus entrenamientos, moto cedida por IMR, impormotor de Elche. A bike that was very happy because it took a lot out.

Was beginning the season and the pilot climbed the podium three times, two of which were on top of this. In the last race, disputada en el circuito de Cartagena, Amparo went to the ground when walking on the piano that was wet. This caused a wrist sprain, damage to a finger and some leg contractures, injuries which today has almost recovered. The great pain of Valencia was the damage to the bike since high repair costs have made have to invest the money set aside to continue competing. Amparo carece de sponsors, por lo que para ella se hace practically imposible desembolsar el gasto.

Amparo wants to continue competing, wants to keep fighting, wants further progress, quiere sentir esa adrenalina que le proporciona la competición y a ella le gustaría hacerlo en la Kawasaki Ninja Cup, but that depends on whether you want to help the.


Published 26/10/2010

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Photo: Nuria Matinez

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    amparo es la mejor ella nunca se rinde viva amparo viva new limit

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