The charm of the island

El encanto de la Isla

We are located in Palma de Mallorca, specifically in the Serra de Tramuntana (Heritage), willing to spend a day route. We meet part of the biker group: Las Princesas del Asfalto. No matter how old, or the bike, the only imperative is to be fémina and love this world. Full fuel tanks, equipped to detail, and engines running.

We have to make one of the most attractive routes Mallorca, as a point of departure village Soller, and ending in It Coll de Sa Batalla, very close to the Lluc Monastery. We expect about 32km of curves, beautiful scenery, and the unmistakable smell of nature.

The first stop is the Mirador its Barques. A spectacular open curve, in which we have a bar, a small parking and as its name suggests a viewpoint, where we can stretch your legs, relax and watch a spectacular view, donde el protagonista principal es el Puerto de Soller and binding of the blue color of the sky with the sea.

Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)

We continue our way, Quiet, and enjoying every curve. As we move forward we can go see right, the Cuber Reservoir, in which activities are performed, such as hiking, photography workshops, etc. The place is worth visiting. To our left, the other side of the road, have the highest point on the island, the Puig Major at 1445m above sea level.

Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)

Our next point is the Marsh Gorg Blau, un espectacular pantano. It is surrounded by rocky mountains reflected in the water, as far as the eye us a beautiful and lush vegetation of pine. Feel that peace. Aquí la foto es obligatoria.

Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)

We follow a beautiful natural stone tunnel, face the final kilometers. On our way we, torrents, caves, sources and the village of Bark.

We are approaching our destination, It Coll de Sa Batalla. We parking area, gas station and restaurant. It's time to sit all together, comment "ride", laugh, know that all have enjoyed and most importantly, prepare for the next.

Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)


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