Double victory for Laia Sanz in the GP of Finland

Doble victoria para Laia Sanz en el GP de Finlandia

The pilot of the KH-7 team has achieved fought victory in the GP of Finland in his comeback from surgery for tendinitis in his left elbow.

Laia Sanz has been imposed in the two races that comprise the Grand Prix Enduro Finland, This weekend were played in Heinola. The team driver KH-7 has added his fourth consecutive win of the season. Un resultado que le permite reforzar su liderato, a total of 80 points, 12 more Daniels.

The 15 time world champion reappeared at the controls of his Honda CRF250 after two month break from competition since the last race. At that time, Broad took the opportunity to undergo surgery and operated an annoying trailing tendinitis in his left elbow for the past year and a half.
In the first race, despite having covered only half the usual time to recover from this type of intervention, Sanz achieved the fastest time (53:15.02) Twenty participants between girls, aunque no sin dificultad. Of KH-7 won five special, including the Super Test match on Friday prefatory, while the Scandinavian drivers, more accustomed to the type of surface of this race, have dominated in four of the remaining five sections, something we already suspected Broad would happen.
For the second race, held on Sunday Broad I had to overcome some unexpected stomach discomfort and traced after a difficult start career. The tour was identical to Saturday, Sanz had a bumpy start, depleted forces for upset stomach, Daniels circumstance that initially took to be in first place with 42 second margin.

Fortunately, mid-career, of Corbera de Llobregat started to feel better. After suffering a fall in the special extreme that bent the clutch lever, Sanz responded and won the last four special, with a third round to virtually flawless tour. In another demonstration of strength and tenacity, I knew complete the comeback, the win and get a minute challenger.

Laia Sanz will the next weekend another test in double quotation Swedish Grand Prix, it also presents very hard for participants.

Laia Sanz: The first race was very hard and suffered enough. I got tired more than usual because after the operation I had little time to fully regain fitness and train. Two weeks ago I had nothing unclear whether he could run here. Elbow I felt well, pero me falta un poco de confianza y eso hace que frene un poco más de lo normal y no vaya al ritmo que me gustaría. El recorrido fue como una guerra, It was full of ditches, clay, stones… Local pilots knew they would do well because they are in their element, so I was not surprised to put things difficult, especialmente Karlsson, in the cross test squeezed much. It was a grueling, but always fight to the end, so I can be very happy with the victory. En la segunda volví a sufrir mucho. The race itself was difficult to find over bad. In the first round I thought I could not finish, I then resignadé and tried to ensure to try to finish second and outside, but do not know how resurrected and I apretar.La really can be very happy to take the 40 points at stake in Finland. A fortnight ago did not know if I could run and today I saw unclear, so I am now somewhat quieter and very happy for the result.

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