Sara Román mechanical difficulties in Spain Cup Minivelocidad

Dificultades mecánicas para Sara Román en la Copa de España de Minivelocidad

Sara Román problems on his bike only managed to finish entering a sleeve fifth.

This weekend the Spain Cup Minivelocidad reached Karpetenia, lat home Sara Romanian. Madrid had many illusions about this race, but his bike did not give option to Top.

Already in the timed things did not go too well, the development of the bike was not very good and did not get rolling in his time. Getting out sixth on the grid.

In the first race, following the departure placed fourth and fall of the pilot that preceded it took the third position, but suddenly the bike was stopped by an electrical fault and could not score. In the second moto he turned fourth place and even came rolling in podium position, but again the bike again fail, This time the clutch was centrifuged and was losing positions to finish fifth. Finalmente novena de la general.

Sara Romanian: This race does not leave me very dissappointed, porque creo que podría haber estado luchando por el podio. I want to thank everyone showing me their support. Now think about Albaida.

Published 22/07/2013

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