Difficult weekend for the women's CEV

Difícil fin de semana para las féminas del CEV

Navarra circuit this weekend hosted the second round of the CEV. Climatological instability showed character, although respected career pilots.

This weekend we miss one of five females contesting the championship, Mar Acebes, Pilot Kawasaki Ninja Cup, who in the last test in Jerez had an accident when he stepped on an oil slick, fractured foot, hand and pelvis. Madrid will have to rest for approximately four months. We want to wish him a speedy recovery.

With respect to other girls, It was not a lucky weekend. María Herrera managed to seventh place in the first timed, despite suffering a fall that would cause discomfort in his shoulder. Even so, Oropesa out of the second lap, but the pain was so intense that happened again confirming medical review fracture of the left scapula and rest 4 weeks. Many spirits, sure for Alcaniz is acting up.

Ana Carrasco had a difficult weekend, Team LaGlisse the pilot getting out from the seventeenth on the grid. Murcia made a good start, but at the first corner he tried to pass three riders hit, one closed, le tocó a rueda delantera y se fue al suelo.

In track was Montserrat Costa, the only female who managed to qualify, lo hizo en la vigésimo tercera posición.

Laura Martinez finished fifteenth, a position that gives him his first two points in the overall.

The next meeting will be next 26 and 27 May at Motorland, Alcaniz, where no wheel KNC.

Published 25/04/2012

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