Difficult weekend for the women's CEV

Difícil fin de semana para las féminas del CEV

Montserrat Costa could not qualify for the race. Sara Sanchez is dropped and Elena Rosell leaving mechanical problems, María Herrera thus becomes the only female to cross the finish line.

After the holiday period, the Championship of Spain is back this weekend to Circuito de Albacete.

After the day's timed Saturday, Montserrat Costa was outside grill does not reach the minimum time required to enter the classification. Maria Herrera conseguía una 19ª plaza y Sara Sánchez 32nd.

After the starting gun, Mary performed a brilliant start and the first lap was already tenth, position that lasted until the sixth lap, at which began to lose positions to finish 13th, taking 3 points Albacete. The de Oropesa placed sixth in the overall.

Maria Herrera: I felt very comfortable in the early laps and have even improved my own time, but as the laps went by, the tank was running low and I started having a lot of problems, the bike was nothing stable.

Sara Sánchez won some positions during the first turns. Then I had a nice fight with Sirerol, who eventually overcame and began to distance, but two laps to finish, when the Catalan and pared differences Sirerol, he lost the front and crashed out, ending the race without consequences for her.

Sara Sánchez: It came very strong, I wanted to get back to catch Sirerol and on entering the curve, I lost the front and I have not been able to solve.

In Stock, Elena maintained its position on the grid, riding very close to the group in its category, in fourth place, but Valencia had problems with his front brake Kawasaki and I had to leave.

Elena Rosell: It was a shame, because we were the Stock together and we could have fought, ment suddenly brake lever sank and I had to enter box "

The next round of CEV, will be only a fortnight in the Circuito de Navarra.

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