Difficult debut of Mary Herrera in the World Moto3

Difícil debut de María Herrera en el mundial de Moto3

Toledo had his best weekend and failed to show his talent in his Grand Prix debut.

A few months ago news broke that Maria Herrera debut on the world in the Aragonese layout Motorland, same place got its first victory in the CEV Repsol. Just before taking on such evidence, Mary getting a new victory in the CEV, this time in Navarre. A victory that did it cause it reached the GP of Aragon with more pressure. Winner of two races CEV and many more km. in Motorland the other riders, were some reasons for that pressure is created, that I think he was the one who played the trick to that of Estrella Galicia Junior Team, and that never got rolling in times of CEV.

In the morning practice Friday, Herrera shone with light itself getting an 10th place in the standings, but still far from the time she could make and evening did not get that progress is needed in the world every time he takes to the track. On the first lap of the morning, the state of the track also gave him the opportunity to improve and second, only three tenths lowered his time, getting the 31st place on the grid.

Bad luck was primed with Mary and in the first round, in turn five while conducting a passing out, he stepped onto the green and went to the ground. But he was not willing to surrender and continued solo career ending 29th.

This weekend we will Albacete disputing the European Championships, now calmer and lighter.

Maria Herrera: En el warm up he salido mucho más concentrada que ayer y esto me ha servido para mejorar los tiempos y la puesta a punto de la moto. With regard to the race, I have gone well and have even progressed some riders in the first corner. Unfortunately, I crashed just as he was advancing out; acceleration I have gone to the piano and I've had to open more to not touch me with another rider. I stepped on the grass with steep bike and, although I have not dropped the bike, I could not prevent the fall. At the end I was able to recover and get back on track, and I then followed concentrated as if they were a few workouts.

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