Unlucky weekend for Avalon Biddle

Desafortunado fin de semana para Avalon Biddle

A fall without consequences in the first round of the QP and rain, they put things difficult for New Zealand.

The second test New Zealand Championship was played this weekend Mike Pero Motorsport Park en Christchurch.

Avalon Biddle llegaba muy motivada tras su resultado en la anterior carrera de la Suzuki Series. Durante los libres del viernes se mostró muy rápida, enough to be placed third in the free Saturday, but in Timed, on the first flying lap he went down. Of the Team Suzuki Repsol consiguió levantar y empujar ella sola su Suzuki GSXR until the retaining wall. The layout lacks a vial so you cranes, Ambulances, etc ... to access the path, so let your bike there and waited for someone to take her to the box to take the second moto. When he got it was too late, would come from the 18th and final spot on the grid.

The test consisted of three races, one disputed Saturday. The Auckland made a great start placing seventh at the first corner, He ran as sixth but was gradually losing positions and crossed the finish line 9th.

The first race on Sunday, It was a surprise to the whole grid, just before the start of the formation lap it started to rain in torrents. In New Zealand the mechanics do not go track, so it was not possible to change tires. Avalon he preferred not to risk and did not dispute the race.

Third and last race, with head and completely dry, Avalon made a very similar race to Friday, making a good start and finishing 9th.

This same weekend takes place the following test.

Avalon Biddle: I dragged the consequences of the fall of timed, All weekend. My mind has not been in place and getting out last more poor tire management has resulted in a weekend with which I do not feel satisfied. We must change our mindset and think about the next thing is in less than a week.

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