Unlucky weekend for Ana Carrasco in Qatar

Desafortunado fin de semana para Ana Carrasco en Catar

The pilot RW Racing, after suffering several mechanical complications, finished in 24th position in the opening MotoGP.

Once again the Qatari circuit has been the scene to start the World MotoGP. Ana Carrasco reached Qatar with new team, the RW Racing and motorcycle new, Kalex KTM. If circumstances were no longer easy, will be more complicated.

In free Thursday, without even having left the track, Murcia had problems with the clutch and the second session went down. Friday problems were detected in the motor and the only session 40 disputed minutes was not enough to overcome them, therefore the RW Racing He worked hard all night.

On Saturday the problems persisted and Mother was placed 25th on the grid, yes improving 3 tenth time that marked last year with the Kalex, something that shows their evolution pilot, because with a lower bike without tuning, improving their own records..

For Sunday Mother se was in grill with great old problem, a retracted position and a lot of pilots willing to defend the position. The lights went off and after the first turn gained a position. The rest of the race was spent peeling with Locatelli and beat Grünwald by position, but eventually had to settle for 24th place, up to four seats less than in his debut, but rolling nearly a second and a half faster.

Ana Carrasco: Obviously this is not the start of the season I expected. I have not felt comfortable with the bike from the beginning, We have spent the weekend fighting with each other. The team changed the engine on Saturday night, but it was not enough to improve. The race was not so bad, but I am not satisfied with the result. Just this has not been my weekend, I hope everything goes better in Austin.

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