Unlucky weekend Andrea Sibaja

Desafortunado fin de semana de Andrea Sibaja

Last 16 October was held in Guadix circuit the penultimate round of the Copa Motorhispania.

Andrea Sibaja arrived with the aim of lowering times achieved in the previous race held earlier in the season at the same circuit. But in Friday practice suffered a fall that would mark the rest of the weekend, since the Cordoba suffered damage to his left hand.

On Saturday took to the track after first going through the hospital where he injected a sedative. The bruised and affected by the fall of the previous day pilot took to the track to qualify for the race.The race was divided into two sleeves, As usual one was held on the Saturday. A career that saw a weak and sore Andrea was even dubbed by three drivers.

On Sunday, after resting, receive support from the team and the unconditional support of the family, Cordoba felt stronger and took to the track ready to fight. But unfortunately in the first round to make overtaking collided with the pilot and the ground was unable to return to race. Andrea was injured a shoulder and elbow.

A difficult weekend, of that insurance will have acquired experience. Now it think recover to stay 100% in Jerez.

Published 13/11/2011

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