Unfortunate closure Spain Cup Minimotos for Sara Román

Desafortunado cierre de la Copa de España de Minimotos para Sara Román

BZM The pilot suffered a fall in the first race and finished seventh in the second with problems on his bike.

After proclaiming Runners of Castilla y León, Sara Romanian this weekend was facing the last race of the Spain Cup Minimotos in Alcarrás.

Started from seventh on the grid and after giving the output, when I went to put third, was hit from behind and went to the ground. The throttle broke and could not get back on track.

In the second race, bruised and carburetion problems on his bike managed to finish seventh.

Closes the season with a tenth place

Sara Romanian: Despite incidents career he has been a good weekend. I want to thank everyone who supported me this season. Next year perhaps change to Minimotard, but my real wish is the speed.

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